Q: What did you help out with?

A: I helped out with cleaning the bathroom sinks. When my mother was in the kitchen cooking. I went and brought a towel from the kitchen counter I was very quiet, then I also brought a sponge with me from my parent’s bathroom. I went to one of the bathroom sinks and I started cleaning, when I finished the first sink I went and cleaned the other two. I was happy with what I did, and I needed to wait for my mom to notice.


Q: What kind of reaction did you get?

A: When my mother went to wash her hands from the messy cooking she noticed. My mother went to all three bathrooms and saw that they were all clean. My mother said “who cleaned all the bathroom sinks?” Then I told my mother that I did. My mother was shocked and was very impressed, she was amazed that I had done all that without a speck of dirt on the bathroom sinks and without being asked. My mother loves it when things are clean and organized. I was very proud of myself for cleaning all three bathroom sinks without my mother asking me to help her, so I am very very proud of myself, both my parents are too. 

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