Why There are Eclipses assignment

Why There are Eclipses assignment

This is our writing assignment where we had to explain one of Earth’s observable patterns.


Why There are Eclipses

Solar eclipses is when the moon aligns in exactly a straight line with the sun. With the right distance the moon looks as if it covers the whole sun.Lunar eclipses is when the earth blocks the sun light on the moon. The earths atmosphere causes the moon to look red, yellow or orange.

Eclipses are really rare because the moon is tilted 5 degrees which in a long distance is very wide. Which in a long distance is very wide. Which means the moon’s shadow completely misses the Earth.

The effects of a solar eclipse is very weird. Temperatures will also suddenly change because the sun’s light will suddenly disappear , temperatures can also get colder by 20 degrees.It suddenly goes dark so the night animals come out so animals freak out birds drop from the sky and flowers close. Because light suddenly reappears then night animals comes out and see light.

Solar eclipses are rarer then lunar eclipses.They happen when the moon goes infant of the Earth and blocks the sun’s light completely.which feel like the sun disappears and it is night time.

Lunar eclipses is when the moon is behind earthen is blocking the sun’s light and the moon’s color will become red because of the earth’s atmosphere .

Eclipses are really rare events and only some places can see them at certain times. So don’t miss a solar eclipse.

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