Writing About Moon

Writing About Moon

In our writing class we got to choose a topic that makes a pattern. I choose moon phases and I got to research things.Then I write a draft now I finished publishing and thisĀ  is what I did.

Moon Phases

The moon phases are caused because of the sun light. When the moon orbits around the sun the sunlight hit the moon and the part that the sunlight hit can only see from the sky each day the 8 moon phases changes

Moon phase are the phases that the moon show. There are caused by the sun light there are 8 phases.waxing crescent, First quarter moon , Waxing gibbous , Full moon, New moon, Waning gibbous, Last quarter moon and Waning crescent. They change there phases every day it is because each day the sun light hits the moon different places. When the moon orbits around the earth the sun hits the moon so that is why the moon have different phases each day.

Moon is closest neighbor with earth in space but the moon is 38400km away from the earth.The moon moves away from earth every year because of the complicated reason to do with tides so the earth gets 1sec slower in each 5000year.

To sum up this will be the best report when you are done reading this you will be expert with the moon phases .

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