3 Act Math: Whoppers

3 Act Math: Whoppers

Today 4NT tried a new math routine called 3 Act Math.

The first Act involved the students watching a short video clip and then discussing what they notice in the clip and what wonderings they have about it. Below is the video and a snapshot of some of their questions and wonderings. Once they had completed that I asked for an estimate which you will see in Purple.

We then focused on 1 particular question which the students had come up with and asked “in order to answer this question – what information do you need?” The students then discussed the information and questions they needed – as shown below.

In Act 2 I then gave them some extra information and asked the students to go back to their areas and work either independently or with a partner to solve the problem. After a discussion and sharing of our ideas, strategies and answers we then looked back at our estimates and found that YiChin had the best estimate!

Act 3 is sharing the final solution and aswer video.

This was my first attempt at this new math strategy and really enjoyed it! I found the language and engagement from the class was far greater than just putting questions out for them.

As always, share in your children’s learning and see what they remember and enjoyed from the math lesson today.

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