Internet safety: An important lesson for everyone!

Internet safety: An important lesson for everyone!

This week we had the opportunity to learn from real life experience.

We read the story of ‘Chicken Clicking’, a story of a chicken who hops online on the farmer’s computer to do some online shopping but ends up chatting to a new friend. Little does she know her knew friend is actually the crafty fox!! The chicken could be in a lot of danger!

This week, the Grade 4 students received an email from a person they didn’t know called Sally. Many of the students replied to Sally’s emails and arranged to meet with her and exchange phone numbers.

Sally came to school to meet everyone but it turns out Sally was not who we thought she was…Sally was in fact Mr. McMahon…Mrs. McMahon’s husband! He was just pretending to be Sally, a student from another international school.



Everyone was shocked! This learning experience was important for the students to realise how important it is to be safe online and not to commicate with strangers.


To learn how to be safe online we had a discussion and watched a video

Online Safety

To show our learning and warn others we made internet safety posters ..check them out by clicking on the student BlogFolios.


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