What is Voices for Service?

Hi all! You may all be unfamiliar with this service group, so first, let me introduce the group to you all. Our service group, Voices for Service, is a newly founded service group that commenced this year, year of 2019. We aim to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as to promote service events within our school. So, if your service group has an upcoming event that you would like to promote through our channel, please feel free to send in a request to the following addresses.

– Siheon Lee at 54412@mail.ssis-suzhou.net

– Julia at 30672@mail.ssis-suzhou.net

– And Eunsoo at 53272@mail.ssis-suzhou.net

Along with what you would like us to promote, the information you hope to include, as well as the Sustainable Development Goal(s) that your team hopes to fulfill though holding the event or even just the SDGs of your group in general. Please also include a short description so we can do better promotion for you!


Featured image by Pablo Gentile on Unsplash