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GD3/4 artists design symbols to investigate pattern & the harmony it creates

GD3/4 artists design symbols to investigate pattern & the harmony it creates

GD3/4 artists are investigating ‘How The World Works’ in our newest Art unit of inquiry. They inquired into positive and negative space by creating notans, and lately have studied Adinkra symbols and created their own symbol. They are aiming to discover that pattern creates order and harmony.

Each symbol has a meaning and will be made into a relief print. We are starting to think about background colours that could support or even enhance the meaning of the symbol now.

Plus, students took time to use the collage app on the iPads to check each symbol design will connect as desired when it is printed in a set of 4. Rotating the block looks like it will bring a whole new artwork out in many of the young artist’s designs!

Now careful carving of EZ cut is underway so the printing can happen next lesson – I will be sure to get more photos next week and hope you can see their symbol designs when you stop by Art during the Student-Led Conferences.

I can’t wait to see the results and they are coming soon!

Art: It’s time to complete & display our original toys!

Art: It’s time to complete & display our original toys!

We are now at the end of our second art unit of inquiry and it’s wonderful to see the original toy designs coming to life.

All students are nearly finished with glazing, plus many clay pieces have emerged from the kiln for the last time and that means they are then able to be put together by each artist using materials they have carefully chosen like wire, string, feathers, cardboard etc.

Each artist has attempted to make a toy that features clay, but moves too. This is when our young artists come to realise if their design and plan works well or not. If not, they are able to make changes to be successful. Thinking of and noting down a plan, but being open-minded enough to change it when necessary is a wonderful life skill we are developing in this unit.

As the toys are finished, they will go straight out on display in the Art Foyer. Please take time to visit them with your young artist and practice great audience behaviour such as [1] do not touch the artwork, [2] read the artist’s statement that is with each toy, and [3] discuss which you like, and which you think took the most time and effort to make.

Research shows that people benefit greatly from reflecting on the process as well as the product they made, so please take time to talk with your young artist about their plans for their toy, how they executed those plans and the final toy artwork that you see on display. Is it their best work? What would they change if they could try this unit again?

Art Toys

Art Toys

Easy Blog Photo

In Art we are trying to make moving toys. We can use lots of different materials but we have to use clay. That is the hard part. We talked about 3 artists that make toys. Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev make porcelain clay toys with lots of texture and detail. Mister Finch makes fabric and wire toys. This is a hard challenge for us. We had to design our toy in our books and now we are waiting for the clay to dry and go through the kiln for the first time.

Our Grade 3 Art blog post is by Eva (3LR)

Great summary, thanks Eva!  Have a great break and Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 

See you in two weeks ~ Ms Kendal

The last Art update for 2018

The last Art update for 2018

GD3/4 artists were delighted when their painting display was revealed to them in the last week before the Winter Break. It is a beautiful sight to behold and takes up an entire wall in our Art Foyer. Enjoy stopping by to admire the special paintings our GD34 and Grade 3 artists created after the Winter Break.

GD3/4 have also begun to learn all about ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ by exploring toys and toy design for our next unit of inquiry in Art. Students will be breaking tasks into steps and learning how to use the design process to create successful artworks, in this case – a movable toy!

This does mean GD3/4 have important Art homework over this Winter Break *These artists need to play with toys that move!* Please encourage your child to play with a range of physical toys and discuss any toys (past or present) you like with them. They will be designing a toy and creating their design when they return from Winter Break.

Enjoy the break GD3/4 artists! See you in 2019 🙂

These fabulous paintings are coming soon!

These fabulous paintings are coming soon!

Congratulations GD3/4 artists on completing your thoughtful and realistic special object canvas paintings!

NOTE: We will place another update on this blog to let you know where to view these beautiful creations soon.

Thanks to all our young artists for working hard to create an original painting from a real-life object you chose and photographed. Painting is a great challenge and painting an object so it appears to be 3D adds another level of difficulty. It was great to see you persist when you struggled and learn to make great choices with painting tools, techniques and processes.

IDEA: We hope you take the time to look at these artworks with your child and discuss the artistic decisions made and the reasons behind these choices in your mother tongue. You could also ask the artist what they did to solve the challenges they encountered.

And yes, the good news is these artworks will get to go home after they have been displayed.

Well done GD3/4!

~ And special thanks goes to Mia, Helena and Gustav for creating a video blog post for Art. I am working through the technical issues and will have your video uploaded as soon as possible.

ART: Relationships are meaningful.

ART: Relationships are meaningful.

GD3/4 artists are currently inquiring into the concepts of ‘form’ and ‘connection’, as well as painting skills. After sorting out which special object they wish to paint on their canvas and photographing it, students are now working through a process of trial and error to determine how best to paint their special object realistically. This a lengthy process involving many layers and challenging even the most confident artist, but students are already committing a lot of enthusiasm and effort each lesson to this artwork so the paintings are sure to delight us all.

Ideas for home:

  1. Ask your young artist which special object they chose, why they chose that one, how they are going with their painting and feel free to ask them to show you their progress one morning or afternoon if you are at school with them.
  2. Talk about art you like and see around you.
  3. Visit art galleries.
  4. Have materials available at home so your child can play and create whenever possible. You don’t need to spend a lot of money – old cardboards and recycled paper are great, plus scissors, glues tick, pencils etc.
  5. Encourage your artist to use their imagination, draw as much as possible (it is a learned skill and everyone gets better the more practice they have) and look into anything they’re interested in more.

*Exciting news*

The students are learning to take responsibility for blogging about their artistic learning journey. This means some will be taking it in turns to do the art blog updates over the course of the rest of the year. You will find the blog posts here on the homeroom blog; they will be tagged ‘Art’. You are welcome to add encouraging comments to the Art blog posts. Questions may be emailed to

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