Science Fair

Science Fair

Zum Abschluss von unserer Einheit Wie die Welt funktioniert haben die Schüler gestern ihre Experimente rund um das Thema Licht vorgestellt. Die Schüler der GD1 und der GD2 haben in Partnerarbeit insgesamt 11 Experimente vorbereitet und diese dem interessierten Publikum gezeigt und erklärt. In ihrem “Forscherheft” haben sie den Forschungsprozess zu ihrem Experiment dokumentiert (Ausgangsfrage – Hypothese – Materialien – Durchführung des Experiments – Beobachtungen – Schlussfolgerung).

Den Eltern vielen Dank für das rege Interesse an unseren Experimente. Den Schülern ein großes Kompliment für die Vorbereitung und Präsentation der Experimente.

Art: Bye Unit 2, Hello Unit 3!

Art: Bye Unit 2, Hello Unit 3!

Perfect for Spring, our grade 2 and GD1/2 still life artworks are now on display outside BS101! Check them out next time you’re in at school. You may have seen some of these beautiful works come home too. Since we could only fit one artwork from each artist in the display the other masterpieces got to go straight home for your enjoyment.

All students improved their observational and time-management skills, as well as developed their drawing and painting technical skills. These are skills which really grow more when they are practiced regularly so please encourage your young artist to draw the world around them whenever they have the opportunity to. And remember, like Anna Valdez taught us, details like patterns, shadows, accurate shapes really make a fabulous difference.

Most recently we have been having a lot of fun tuning into the variety of tools you can use for the art form known broadly as ‘printmaking’, including real fish! Yes, Gyotaku has been part of our investigation so far, along with bubble wrap, sponges, stamps and many other tools.

Our new unit – How We Express Ourselves – investigates the idea that ‘imagination can take many forms’.

We will be studying Surrealism for this unit and encouraging our students to talk about their dreams (had at night or imagined in day time) and try automatism (drawing with thinking).

To help with this unit, please take time at home to share your dreams and give your child the chance to doodle.

  • Perhaps keep a notepad and pencil by the bed for drawing or writing down a record of their dreams as soon as your young artist wakes.
  • Keep a notepad and pencil in the living area so that your artist may draw without thinking (doodle) whilst talking with others, watching tv etc.


Appreciation und Golden Chair für Lara

Appreciation und Golden Chair für Lara

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Lara!

Das Thema des heutigen Assemblies war Appreciation  – die Fähigkeit, Wertschätzung und Anerkennung zu zeigen. Diese Lernereinstellung hat uns in dieser Woche sehr beschäftigt und wir haben oft darüber gesprochen, wofür wir alles dankbar sein können. Die Schüler der GD1/2 haben ihre Ideen aufgemalt und im heutigen Assembly vorgestellt.



Dear Parents and Families

Thank you so much for all your support with the reading homework so far. I definitely see how much of improvement all the students have made during these weeks.

We also are using Raz-Kids. Raz-Kids is a website that gives students access to a virtual bookroom of more than 400 ebooks from just about any internet-enabled device. Your child already knows his/her password. This is an extra learning resource, you are free to use whenever you can and wherever you go. They love it!

The teacher password is: mhayes22

Here is the link:

Continuing with the wonderful technology as a tool to learn, here is a video about our online English study on Wednesdays.


Ms. Connie

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