Production News!!!

Dear Parents,

This week we would like to have all cast and crew present at the Tuesday rehearsal. We will run through every scene that we have blocked so far, including the 2 dances.

On Fridays rehearsal we would like to work on Jack and the Beanstalk as well as the Little  Red Riding Hood scene.

Tuesday– all cast and crew

Friday–  Jack, Giant Geoff, GT Cash, The Branon’s, Mirror, Groova, Orica

This week we will be having Lunchtime song rehearsals also – Mr Murray will collect the students from the canteen at 12:50pm.

This Week:

Wednesday–  ‘The Realtors’  – The Daryl’s + GT Cash

Friday– ‘Run Run Run’  – 3 Blind Mice + the Brandon’s

From now the expectation is that all characters know their lines for both speaking and their songs. Please email me if you are having trouble downloading the songs from the blog page. The words for the song are at the end of the script attachment.

The production is progressing very well – thank you to all families for your support in this magnificient event!


Kit Murray and Amy Thomson

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