Bridging Week Reflections

Bridging Week Reflections

  • What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

Firstly , I want to know where class of my buddy is located. If you go to junior high school, it is difficult to find a class and it is very confusing because it is so tightly attached but I think I can memorize the way because I’m with Buddy tomorrow.

Secondly, I want to know about my teacher and friends well. Because I think school life would be more convenient if I knew more about my friends and teachers.

  • What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

Firstly, I asked about what do we learn in Korea. My buddy said we learn a discussion. Yesterday we read some pages then we shared our opinions. When we say our opinions it must have a basis. Saying basis be persuasive to speak a well-founded sentence. Of course I asked another question to her. It was about math. She said she learned a squared. I think it would be ok to learn because I’m learning that math.

  • What questions remain unanswered for you?

She answered all of my question.

  • What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

My positive observation was that my buddy answered all of my question and Minseo’s buddy bought a chicken nuggets to us and the middle school was more frilly than elementary school. In homeroom we can use our phone and there are lot to do for myself.

A Rainy End to the Week: 36

A Rainy End to the Week: 36

  • Expectations for Bridging Week

On Thursday when I meet my buddy, I wish she is kind, and explaining English easily. Fortunately she is Korean so I can ask her some question comfortably.

  • Middle School dreams and aspirations

The first thing that I want to do in middle school is going cafe with my friends buy some snack. Second is a do more ECA. I want do a badminton and oil art. Third is a eat a lunch in cafe.

  • Number 1 memory from G5

I can remember that we went to Yanchang Lake. I made new friends in there and it was pretty good memory. My new friends said ‘Let’s eat dinner together’. I was very glad that friends said to eat dinner together. And we did lots of activities. It was funny.

  • What will you miss from G5 experience

A good memory with my friends. Especially Minseo because she go to Korea this month. She was best friends to us. My friends helped me to do work and remote learning. I feel very thankful for them. Now we are going to secondary so I still want to be friendly

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

  • What does graduation mean? For me…

I think the graduation mean from me is when we completed our grade, then we have a graduation party so we enjoy party, sharing food, and talking with friends. At least that day we just enjoy the graduation.

  • an opportunity for mindfulness

If we do a mindfulness we need a quiet and good place then calm down to get some meditation because if we don’t found the good place to meditation it’s difficult to concentration so we have to found place unobstructed by people.

  • Song recommendation: moving forwards?

I wish there is a K-Pop.

  • Planning for Celebration of Learning

I’m still planning about it. There are many things to plan with and I just thinking about it that how to plan it. I’m wondering about graduation, and I thought that I need to plan more perfectly and correctly. I’m still planning, but I just adding something more and more.

Thinking about changing: Week 34

Thinking about changing: Week 34

This week Ms Fluty’s class came to our class and played our math game. Also they gave me some feedback about what I have to improve. They said they enjoyed game and it was simple game, but some are they don’t know how to play and need answer sheet. I think I was good at making instructions but lacking thing was that I didn’t make answer sheet.

Yesterday, we took a video about change. Last week and this week, we learned about changes and wrote a poem about changes. We wrote about physical changes, and social changes. After we finished our poem we read it out my friends helped me to take a video and I helped them too. Then we edited our video on iMovie.

Next week I will more work about my math game to make an answer sheet. Then people can check some questions about math.

A month of old/new G5

A month of old/new G5

  • How do you feeling about poetry?

I feel about poetry is pretty funny thing. Most I enjoy reading poetry. Writing poetry is fun but sometimes it’s difficult because I have to match some last word. Most poetry express how they feeling and make people enjoy to read poetry because many poetry has rhythm.

  • Your Rube Goldberg plans. What’s going on?

We finished our planning. We use paint, spoon, cup,  and domino etc. We have to make our Goldberg make others move. We bring materials to our home. I think our Goldberg will work well. 

  • What have been some signification changes you have noticed about learning/school?

I have noticed that we have to wear our mask in the school but now we don’t have to. And I also noticed that we have to seat by our self like…. in the bus and in our class room and others.

Getting Placed for Middle School – Week 32

Getting Placed for Middle School – Week 32

On Tuesday we did a English Placement test. I feel little bit nervous about my test. When I doing my test many difficult problem was in the test. After the test, I feel very happy to finish my test but we have another test on next week so I’m practicing some English word.

In this week, we made fraction cushion.  I drew some picture on my cushion. I decorated with pizzas, and fraction diagram also Minseo and Kate feedback and they also gave me feedback too. Some of the feed backs were good but most of them were bad.

for the management skill every day I check my time table and mark what I have to do for this week. I also find what I’m bad at and try to be good at it.

leap leap reapter

leap leap reapter

Last week we made flip grid video. We came up with an idea together. I really enjoyed this challenge.

Today I dis P.E test. Most of them are hot.  For the feed back my friends told me to work harder and try to be more creative some of the feed back was good but some of the feed backs were bad. I hope the next beep test will be hot.

The Re-opening of G5

The Re-opening of G5

This week we came back to school. I’m very happy to see my friends and teachers. I was very interested about new rules. When I was in Korea I did remote learning for my self but in school my friends and teachers explain easily.

On Tuesday we went to media center to do our code. We made lego and wrote how to make it and we watched the video about coding book. Ms Merlinda show example that how to code.

Also we did experiment about static electricity. Static electricity is a phenomenon that occurs during the movement of electricity. We blew the balloons and rubbed it on my hair and jacket then oats, paper…were stuck on the balloons. 

This week was really funny and feel very tired!


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