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Remote learning-art

I read a story about Andy Warhol. He was an interesting person. He is one of the most popular artist in the world. He made many pop arts. I’ve been to pop art museum of Andy Warhol, and I was shocked that there are this kind of beautiful art.
His most popular paintings are Marilyn Monroe, Happy tears and Campbell’s soup . I think art is what people make or draw and its hard to make same one. But Andy Warhol’s art was made by computer and it can print as many as he wants. He used silk screen printing to produce his whole arts because he saw art as product, like the same as clothes we wear and foods we eat. I think Andy Warhol have different thinks about art. So his arts are interested to me.

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Remote learning P3- music

I choose vocals topic and I learn about vocal. like vocal system, specifically about singing and humming, kinds of singing, how we sing, what body parts that we use to sing, type of voice etc…. i did it because of homework but now i feel proud of my self and thanks for this homework that helps me to now about vocals.

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Sem 1 week 17

PSPE- basketball

We were playing basketball in PSPE. I was in B team but I was doing any thing. Just looking the basketball game. Because first, A team were doing basket I was looking and when B team were doing that, I change with another player. But I think best player were Sean, Oscar, J.J, Hans, Jay and Fuyan. Sean was go fast and spin to go to the goal and pass. Oscar and J.J were fast runner so they go to the goal and put the ball in the goal. Fuyan, Hans and Jay were trying to put the goal in. but everyone doing well. And we won. 5KF won!!!!

IB connection: Risk taker because I try basket ball that I’ve never try.

Good thing: we won

Worst thing: I didn’t do anything

Q why should it be basketball?


Chinese- Disco dance

We were start to practicing disco dance in  Chinese. It was little bit weird but Chinese teacher said, it’s famous dance in China. So we try it and we show it in theater. We were show how we dance. But what they show was little bit different. But we did  well about it. It was little bit shy but I promise with friends. “Don’t be shy while we doing this dance. Just dace crazy.” so I don’t be shy. I just dace

As crazy as I can!

IB connection: principled. I try to do shy dance that teacher order.

Good thing be more friendly with friend.

Worst thing: dance was little bit weird

Q, who said it first.

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sem 1 week 16


I was happy in Charismas this year. Last year I get LOL I think. But this year I get air pod(?).but mom said “it’s not from apple. It’s from Huawei or etc. in China.” Honestly I don’t remember  what my mom said at company from China. But The only thing that’s certain is it’s not from apple. I don’t care about companies. If it work well it’s okay to me. And my dad was in his company, but he send me a Pokémon(Pikachu) case for air pod. I like that case because it’s cute, pretty and important one is my dad bought for me

IB connection: reflective or no?

Best thing: get air pod from mom and get Pokémon case from my dad.

Worst thing: nothing. all thing was happy

Q, who made charismas?


Cooking, English{Samuel} and badminton.

In winter holiday, I went to 3 academies. Cooking academy in Tuesday and Thursday, English academy every day in Samuel, and badminton in Monday and Wednesday. In badminton, I went to contest first time I I won two times and I loose two times.  I think I loose because my partner should be all different but when I loose same partner was there so I loose because of him. but I was happy to won two times. If I win one more times, I will get gold medal or silver medal. But it’s okay to no medal because it was first time to go out to contest. In cooking, I make many cookies, cake and cupcake with chocolate. Teacher said “student likes chocolate so I make many thing with chocolate” in Samuel I meet new sisters.they were fun!

Ibconnection: open minded

Best thing: meet new friends

Worst thing:just 3 weeks

Q, why is it 3 weeks?

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sem1 week15

In library time, we were doing coding in in media center. I  played many things. Minecraft coding, dance and frozen. Some stages  are little bit weird but almost stages are fun! What I like was dance! it’s music was exiting and they dance what i code it to do. And  we play games. Me and Kaya’s group learn coding with Bee-bot. I work as well as I can. I was proud of was best library class ever!

IB connection: thinker because I think many times to make dance more interesting!

Best thing: learn new site and how to move bee-bot

Worst thing: do one activities each

Q why we learn coding?


Assembly-Nutbush dance

We were doing Nutbush dance in 5KN assembly’s last step. 5TB was main dancer. They bring fun hats, sunglasses and fun hair. when they turn 360 degrees, we  get out of our sit and doing Nutbush dance. It’s like step right foot 2 times right and do opposite foot . Step right foot 2 times back and opposite foot. Right foot do 1 k\nee kick and kick and do opposite foot.kick 1 times right and left each and  step-cross leg-step with turn- clap hands. It was little bit dizzy but it was fun.

Best thing: fun dancing!

Worst thing: it was long

Q, where was 5KN sheet?











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P.E reflection

today our group help other groups to take a video.I help Minseo’s group. it. was. successful I think…. our group take a video last week.  they are almost week is presenting. I hope our group is. good. today’s P.E. was little bit dizzy. but it was good

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Sem 1 week14

 Charismas tree lighting

In Friday,  we went to foyer and celebrate charismas. We  singing a charismas songs and light to the tree.  And we met Santa Claus! I know he was Mr. Bruford{maybe} but I ignore it. I just enjoy that. This charismas will be fun!

IB connection: Open-minded because I open my mind and sing a song loudly

Best thing: We sing a song happily

Worst thing: No snacks for charismas!

Q, who was the voice at the back of the charismas tree?



in Friday we were doing PSPE in our classroom.  we first go to Mrs. Naisara. She teach us tree and rabbit. Rule is like this…

  • When Referee said “Hunter!” , rabbit should move to another tree.
  • When referee said “Fire!”, tree should move to another rabbit.
  • When referee said “Earthquake”, tree and rabbit both move.
  • Rabbit and tree can change

It was fun!

Mr. Bell’s room we  use string and rubber band to move pencil case to plastic case without touch mat and pencil case. Our team member was J.J, Bella, Jun, Sylvia and me. We do like that.

Our group’s plan was successfully done.

Mr. Alksne’s room, we throw balls to paper cup. First cup is one point, next was two three and four points. Our team was Seeun, me, Fuyan, Alkxuan and Sylvia. Fuyan get two bonus point by dancing.

The campion was Hans!

Last was our homeroom. We were doing here I sit. Rule is….

  • We need player less 1 than chairs
  • Some one beside empty chair sit to empty chair and say “Here I sit”
  • Beside someone who moved go to his(her) chair and say “In the grass”
  • Do same as up and said “with my friend   ” and that friend come and someone beside the empty chair sit and  do same thing again.

It was best! I like PSPE!

IB connection: Risk-taker

Best thing: fun stuffs!

Worst thing; less times…

Q, why is PSPE once at one week?


Pencil case

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Sem 1 week 13

Art-installation art

We presenting about our installation art. not in the theater, not in the classroom in 3the hallway!

Angry potato install artwork in the art classroom. But in the art classroom, who stay in the classroom were just angry almost people who went to class room and saw were teachers. Before we tidy up, we saw other groups artwork. 5kf korean girl’s group were full by people .Vinkin make best one I think. But our one was just…. Soso….our artwork was just hanging flying fishes.

IB connection: risk-taker because I show my artwork bravery.

Best thing we make another thing

Worst thing: our artwork don’t have many people.

  1. Why we can’t go and see another people’s artwork?


Writing-gift giving

We wrote things that can help partner’s life. It was a challenge. We ask to partner what ~~~,why~~~ etc. and make a machine .I make{Meow USB} for Bianca. It has a program that can do anything{without. Danger things.}It’s body looks like a foot of cat and cap is looks like a cat’s head. Back of USB, there is schedular. and it’s body is very very soft. I will made it in future. I’m almost done!

IB connection: open-minded because I make it with sincerity

Best thing: Know more about Bianca

Worst thing: not enough time

Q why there is a time line?

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Installation art

Q, How would you explain “installation art” to grade 4 artist?
A, “installation work is… a…. like art that install somewhere? So it can be hang something, stick something, show something and Minecraft etc. it can be difficult or easy. You can do anything that can be installation art.

Q, summaries the process your group went through and your installation artwork.
A, first, research materials second, make ideas third, talk about idea fourth, choose idea last, make a installation art.

Q, What advice would you give to Grade 4 artists for next year?
A, “don’t be nervous. It will be fun! You have enough times to try many things..”

Q, What did you learn in the installation art unit that will help you do your best work in the PYP Exhibition?
A, focus to your work and listen each others idea.

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PE reflection

Today, we finished our game. the battle ball! we make presentation for presenting. we took photos and video, and we write a text that explain like Equipment and Rules. after we make a presentation, I was proud of our presentation.I have today’s question but I don’t have time to write…sorry Mr Murray…. today was fun.

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