Sem1 Week17

Sem1 Week17


This Friday 5KN host grade 5 game and it was basketball I think Koray choose this because he like basketball and 5KF won the basketball game we won 5KN by 4:2 we were so happy and I was also happy because I scored one shoot in the final I think I improved my basketball skill then last year then I think our team teamwork was really good me and J.J passed a lot and Zavier,Jun and Sean shoot lots of goal. And my question is, is A team better B team ?


This week in PE we present our games to the boys and our group has 3 people that is Hans, J.J and me our game was called Soccer in the air. When they played our game I noticed that it was really difficult to play our game and I also heared that it was difficult but is also fun. I think I should improve how to make the game very fun also not difficult easy. My question is do we make our own game next time?

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