Reflecting on Week 18-2 1/2 days to go!

My biggest achievement this week has been when we are working in our HWOO groups and knowing what we are doing and getting our work done. Achieving nearly everything!!

HWOO collaborative inquiry process has been really good, we are working together but sometimes we argue just a tiny bit, we also know what we are going to do each day, and realize what we are going to do.

We continue to challenge other Grade 5 homeroom classes in our Friday Wellbeing sessions. Our secret is (not going to tell you ūüėÄ )ūü§£ūü§£ūüėāūüėā

New Decade!! Week 17

The best things about my Winter Holiday were that I was able to go see the black and white pandas, and the red pandas, we also had a lot of fun exploring China. It was the best. I also am looking forward to the Happy New Year Holiday!

This week has been awesome because we were able to have the challenges, also we had a Christmas break, we got to hangout with our family. I had so much fun!!!!

If I were the World Government, I would make these changes, I would have many Charitys for the poor (though can choose if you want to this, I would If I were you), and donate money, and there would be a free market every year!

I am looking forward to the weekend because, we will be relaxing and not going anywhere, and we will stay have a relaxing time at home, I will be able to play with my friends.


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

The Winter Holiday have arrived! Week 16

This week was a bit of a secret cause we have a secret friend and today (week 16) we are going to show our secret friend that we had them, we will all get presents and have a great time.

This holiday I look forward to going to different areas, my mom and dad are not telling me where we are going so I am going to look forward to see where we are going to go for our Winter Holiday.

Next year I will change my secret friend well of corse. Also next Christmas I want my parents to tell me where we are going to go for Christmas.

I think my report will say that I am hard working and I try my best. Also I really care about people. I think this is what it will say!!

An Hour of Code and More: Week 15

This week I had a very busy week, we had 5KN’s assembly and that was truly amazing. We have been working with 5KF’s class on Politic Systems, also we have a secret friend, it is a bit like Secret Santa but some children do not celebrate Christmas. We have had a lot of assembles these weeks and I am going to exited for the 5KF’s assembly.

Everyone in our class has a Secret Friend Buddy, we have to get to know them secretly and tell them that you are their Secret Friend. I am really exited about this week because it is going to be really exiting and we are going to be doing many fun and different things for all. We are working with 5KF’s class, and working on Politic Systems, everyone is doing a great job doing the Politic Systems and keeping their secret friend a secret.

Reflection game

Today we have finished the rules and about to finish our power point.I am really exited to show me and my friends game, I think it will be really good to show what we are doing in PE and how are game is going. In my group is Me (Mounia), Bella & Irene. We are a very good group, we help each other when we need help and we all do different things to help the group, to work faster and get this game finished for the reveal. We are working are hardest to finish this game and to make it look really good and make sense. I am really happy for the last reveal.

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PE Reflection Week 3

Today in PE we were still making our game, in my group I have me, Bella and Irene, I think that we are doing well in making our game. Our game is a bit like “Capture The Flag” but we change it. We have worked very hard in this game and I am exited how it will pop out when we finish it, We are now making our powerpoint, the powerpoint is going very¬†wetland we have¬†finished at lest two slides but¬†I think that we will be able to finish this very soon,¬†I think it will come out really nicely. Today was a really good PE¬†lesson with our group,¬†I think we¬†will nail this game!

We Turned the Lights On: Week 14

During my student conference this week I learnt that I am doing my math right, I am also nearly done with the work I have to do for this week. I am planning to finish the literacy challenge – Should Children Be Allowed To Own Pets- and do a good job with it. I wonder if I will finish to this week. When I had the conference with Mr. Alksne I new that I would finish it because I have a lot of time left to finish it.

I think the roles and responsibilities of a government is to help the people in the country, maybe to give money to the poor. I think this because there are many governments in this whole world, they have to help many people, they also have a big role to do. Governments have to be very kind to one another but some governments are not kind at all.

Winter holidays are coming! To me this means to have fun and relax, to go to many different places and enjoy the holiday. I like the winter holidays because it is fun and it is a time where you can get away from school and spend more time with your family. Me and my family like to go to many different places, so I am going to enjoy that to come up.

PE Reflection 2

Today in PE me and my group started to make our game, see how it was going to look like. Our group Bella, Mounia and Irene started making the rules. I think that we did a good job because we know how it will look like and also the rules. We are still updating the rules and the boundary.

I think that our group our skills are quite easy, so 4 and 6 graders can play this game. The team work in our group is a really important skill in our game because you need to work together a lot in the game we are making. 

I think our group is working really well together because ewe know what we are all doing, we also know each others roles and responsibilities. I think we are going to be really good at making our game into one good one.    

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A Lucky Week for All of Us: Week 13

What is your group doing for installation?

Our group is doing a dot installation art work, so small things can always turn into big things. Whatever you make in small things they can most of the time turn into big things, no matter what.

Our process for installation has included dots, scissors, mirrors, pens, plastic and windows to help the reflection of the plastic with the dots, on the plastic, it might reflect the colours on the floor.

We want our visiting audience know that whatever you make that is small you can always make it into something big, or sometimes it won’t always turn into something big. If you believe in your self then you might actually get to turn it into a beautiful big art work. It doesn’t need to be made of dots, it can be made of other things to.

I have learnt to be creative and remember that you have to push your self higher, and  always remember that art will never be finished until you know it is!