Bridging Week Reflections: Week 37😇🤪

What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

I am expecting communication, like my buddy talking to me and not ignoring me. My expectations are to see my buddy and see her working HARD and also to tell me what is happing and what they are doing. To also see if Chinese class will go crazy!!

What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

The questions that have been answered are what is happing and what Julianna said when we went to every lesson she explained everything.

What questions remain unanswered for you?

No questions are unanswered for me, because I asked her so many questions that I think I am fine now and don’t have any more questions to ask. She answered every question. So that’s  why I have no questions unanswered.

What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

That people were talking to each other when they were stuck and also that they were all working hard and not giving up in any case or in any way. They just kept on working and when They wanted something they would ask politely to their teacher or one of their friends or their buddy. They were all very corporative and chatty.🤪

How could we make Bridging Week a better opportunity to learn about middle school?

I really don’t want to change anything but I think that we should all maybe meet are Buddys twice to get used to them and know what they like, kinda like a little conference meeting and getting to know one another more, but I also like it the way it is.😇

A Rainy End to the Week: 36.

Expectations for bridging week.

I really want to have some fun and also make a new friend. I know who my partner is and we are best friends already, but I want to know more about her. To get to know her more and know what she is into and what she likes to do a bit more.

Middle School Dreams and Aspirations.

My dreams in middle school are to have fun and get to know more people, make new friends and also meet new teachers. My aspirations are to become more caring in middle school and also to have a GREAT TIME!!!

Number 1 memory from G5.

My number 1 memory that I will always remember is EVERYTHING, but the one that I will always remember is the camp and making new friends. PS: also the first time working in 5GA the best class EVER!!

What will you miss from your G5 experience.

The teachers and also the students that I work with, play with.

What is your legacy? Week 35

Planning for Celebration of learning.

The Celebration of Learning is a walkthrough for the parents  to see work that we are proud of. I am really proud of my work that I handed in and those ones I am proud with, I handed them in for the Celebration of Learning.

What does graduation mean for you?

For me Graduation means for me moving on but still remembering the past, it also means for me that I am having more experiences and looking forward to new things. (new environment, area, people and friends)

An opportunity for mindfulness.

I have my own mindful area when we are doing mindfulness, its a beach but not packed. It is calm and I can hear seagulls and the water moving. I see palm trees and water, seashells and people sitting and reading books or playing in the water. 🏖🏝⛱

Song recommendation

Happy by Pharrell Williams 😇 

Thinking about changing – Week 34

This week the feedback I received was very good + bad, I think receiving feedback from others is good because it can help you and it can help your thinking.

How have you been learning about change? Well we have been doing like a journey on paper. I also know that there are Physical, metal and social changes.

Moving forward (transition). I really want to end this grade 5 year in a good way, so I can remember everything good about grade 5 and what we have done during the years we are together. I really want to go to grade 6 but I don’t want to leave grade 5.☺️🤪

A Month of Old/New G5

How are you feeling about poetry?

I am feeling very confident about poetry and I know what to do and what to write about. Though writing limericks is a bit hard because of the syllables cause you need a certain amount.😃

Your Rube Goldberg plans———-Whats going on?

Our Rube Goldberg plans are private but we are thinking of starting it with dominos and ending it out, with hand sanitizer. So we make our Rube Goldberg machine and when you put your hands out under the hand sanitizer before it squeezes and puts a little on your hand.

What have been some significant changes you have noticed about learning/school.

I have noticed that we are all working really hard before we go to middle school, and that Mr.Alksne is helping us and also getting us ready with check ups and see where you are with test and conferences.

Getting Placed for Middle School-Week 32

How I felt about the English Placement Test? (Reading & Writing)

I felt real good about the placement test, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t to hard. The placement test was to read the text and then answer it by the word you chose to finish the sentence.

Fraction Cushions 

We are 1/3 through the process, when I did the fraction cushion it was very easy but the ink kept smudging😆. We are going to do the stuffing on Monday, can’t wait!!

Self-management- ATL group skill

I think I am very good at my self-management skills because I know what I need to do, when I need to do it and where I need to do it. I can get through my work very easily and I don’t need people to tell me what I should do.

The Re-opening of G5

Thinking and Feelings

When we came back to school I was feeling nervous and exited, I was thinking what would we do and how is the new routine going to look like. I was also thinking how is the canteen going to look like and how the seats are arranged in our class rooms.


Miss.Melinda is teaching us coding, we had to make something with Lego and show our sequence, (coding) the sequence is really important when we do coding. We have to write it in the right order because if we don’t our coding is not right.

Static Electricity

In our classroom we had to blow up as many balloons, then we had to rub it on our cloths or hair and see what we can attract. I could attract oats, paper clips and chocolate pebbles.

Summary: something uniquely random.

I tried my very best to survive the whole school week, this Friday is going to be the end of the week. I think that I did a very good job in school, and I will always try my very best. School is amazing and it always will be!!!

5GA P.3 Music

For music class I went onto BrainPOP and chose the lesson “The Beetles”. It was very interesting how they just started their band when they were just teenagers and it surprised me that they became really popular when they preformed. When they preformed people cheered so loud that they couldn’t even hear themselves play. They also have had many successful albums. It was sad when their band started falling apart because the wanted to do their own thing, but their songs are still listened to around the world today.


P.E Challenge

IMG_2394     IMG_2415I

Plank.            Push up’s


These are my P.E Challenges. The plank was 1min 6sec and I did 21 push ups.

Reflecting on Week 18-2 1/2 days to go!

My biggest achievement this week has been when we are working in our HWOO groups and knowing what we are doing and getting our work done. Achieving nearly everything!!

HWOO collaborative inquiry process has been really good, we are working together but sometimes we argue just a tiny bit, we also know what we are going to do each day, and realize what we are going to do.

We continue to challenge other Grade 5 homeroom classes in our Friday Wellbeing sessions. Our secret is (not going to tell you 😀 )🤣🤣😂😂