Maths – Area and Perimeter

Maths – Area and Perimeter

Over the last week we have continued to explore the concept of measurement. Our focus has been working towards understanding the concepts of perimeter and area, namely of rectangles and triangles. After establishing formulas for the rectangle:

Perimeter of Rect = (Length + Width) x 2 or simply add up all the sides..:)

Area of Rect = Length x Width…..L x W

We then discovered a connection between the triangle and the rectangle. The area of a triangle is half of the rectangle it can sit in. The children then discussed the formula must be the same as the rectangle but halved…we simply changed L for B (base) and W for H (height) soooo..

Area of Triangle = Base x Height / 2 or ……b x h / 2

Some of the children are reinforcing these formulas and concepts by working their way through some skill based exercises while some students are beginning to use these understandings and applying them to more complex problems, shown below.

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