PE Update and Welcome Back!

PE Update and Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Karen and I hope that you have enjoyed your holiday. This week we have once again looked at the 6 fitness tests as part of our year-long unit and assessment on health related fitness. We have enclosed a pdf of the actual test sheet that your child has worked through this week – talk to them about whether or not they are warm, warmer, hot or on FIRE!

Our next unit is Movement Composition and students will use the terminology of ROTATIONS, TRAVEL, BALANCE, and JUMP to describe and label their movements. This unit covers a mixture of gymnastic type movements such as rolls, balances, leaps, and gallops etc; and then adapting/modifying them into a small routine. Within Grade 5 we will be focusing on the aesthetics and function of each movement as well as connecting between different movement – which in child-speak is about making our moves and transitions clean, tidy, and smooth. We will also be focusing on extending our capabilities within movement; For Example taking forward rolls into dive rolls for those capable, experimenting with beginner vault work, and gaining more control in complex balances such handstands etc. WE will be encouraging many students to use these skills in their exhibition coming up later in the year.

Just a reminder that students from G3-G5 are required to the PE uniform during these sessions. Time will be given before and after each session in order to get changed. After Chinese New Year students who do not have PE uniform will be lent an old sports uniform for the PE session and an email will be sent home informing you of this. PE uniforms are available at DragonWear in the school foyer. We have attached the letter sent last year in English, Korean, and Chinese addressing this matter.

As always both Karen and I encourage families to talk about PE at home and we welcome any feedback, questions, clarifications that you may have as a result of your child’s PE sessions.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng


Approaches to Learning through How We Organize Ourselves

Approaches to Learning through How We Organize Ourselves


Please come to your Child’s presentation next week on Wednesday! We look forward to seeing you between 11:15-12:15.

Grade 5 have been working across classes:  5NM has been working with 5NM.

Here we are, preparing for our presentation and working to develop many lifelong skills: communication skills, self management skills, social skills, research skills and thinking skills…

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Good afternoon,


Welcome back to school after, what I hope has been, a wonderful winter break.

It was lovely to see Grade 5NM back, catch up and do some ice-breaker activities in class about our adventures.

Today we also got back into our UOI… it took a while for the students to remember where they had left off as they are working across classes in teams.

This afternoon we did a reading assessment. Highlighting the importance of comprehension, we reflected on the strategies we have learned to date. Another area we are focusing on is how we gather information using graphic organizers to then help us structure our writing, using the facts collected from our reading.We encourage our students to recognise that all forms of communication are tools to deepen our learning experiences and understanding of the world around us.

The reading passage is connected to this UOI  How We Organise Ourselves and the concept of RESPONSIBILITY. This is an excellent way to inference as we have learned so much about migration, government systems their impact on and humankind in regards to rights and responsibilities … using inferencing skills to deepen our understanding on a passage about Martin Luther King will bring many authentic and valuable learning opportunities…

Grade 5 are also preparing a presentation for next week.

The following information is a re post of Grade 5 learning for this UOI, How We Organize Ourselves.


We have been inquiring into many different forms of government, involving challenging new words and vocabulary.The journey has been exciting with a variety of opportunities to work in teams and independently.

I have posted activities on MyMath for your child to complete. These were introduced and discussed in class. Your child can complete each task as many times as they want and should do these at home as well as developing the skills in school to give plenty of opportunity to practice them. This week tasks are based on the opportunity to review mental multiplication, 2D and 3D Shapes and symmetry. This is a form of assessment, to make sure your child is supported and challenged as needed. Please make sure you support your child with signing in to MyMath.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are able to offer help in any way to the learning in Grade 5.

Please keep up to date on WeChat and check the calendar for important dates.

Also, stay tuned to our class blog and your child’s blogfolio!

Have a great week!

The last Art update for 2018

The last Art update for 2018

I’m so proud of the hard work, thought and creativity Grade 5 artists have put into their installation art projects. This photo collage gives you a glimpse into the progress our young artists are making. The Art Department sure is an exciting place to be when it’s Grade 5’s time at the moment.

It was wonderful to see them come so far over the past few weeks and I was so pleased to be able to offer previews of five Grade 5 artworks to parents attending the Winter Concert assembly on Friday, December 14 – it was a real delight!

Details about when all Installation Art projects will be open for viewing will be posted to the Grade 5 Homeroom blogs after the break.

Enjoy a well-earned rest Grade 5 artists! I look forward to enjoying your full art exhibition alongside you after the break.

See you next year.

🙂 Ms Kendal

This Past Week in 5NM…

This Past Week in 5NM…

This week we have continued to develop our understanding of the central idea in How We Organize Ourselves and use our writing for this. The writing type Grade 5 have chosen for this inquiry on How We Organize Ourselves is called DISCUSSION. There have been really enthusiastic learners in the class as the learning deepens and we share perspectives on some deep and  provoking topics: basic human rights and gender equality.

In math we continue to explore the conceptual understanding: Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. We used colors to code the number system and place value. We researched population from some countries of interest and presented the data using our color-code-key. This data will now be presented on our 3D map. We will use the data to connect to ratio (when comparing countries, areas and population). This will, in turn, support us with developing our understanding on governments and their systems… and how we use math to understand the world around us.

Next week some students are leaving early, we would appreciate  if you could please let us know by email.

Have a great weekend, enjoying family time and relaxing.

Swimming Assessment Session

Swimming Assessment Session

Don’t forget that you are welcome to come and watch the final assessment session for swimming next week. For those students participating in level 4 and 5 exit assessments for survival skills please bring shorts and a t-shirt to wear over your swimming costume.

5TB and 5KN  on Wednesday from 11:00am- 12:25pm

5GK and 5 NM on Thursday from 9:10am- 10:30am

Where We Are in Place and Time and How We Organize Ourselves

Where We Are in Place and Time and How We Organize Ourselves

Like reading a book, we have flipped a page, reading further into our story… this time, the Chapter: How We Organise Ourselves. The last Chapter: Where We Are in Place and Time, has given us some valuable knowledge and insight to deepen our level of thinking and understanding of our new Unit of Inquiry all about Government Systems. So far, 5NM has really taken on the challenge to formulate some insightful and interesting questions to hook us into the learning!

Grade 5NM has identified the key concepts: Form, Function, Responsibility and Perspective.

The knowledge of the elements of the PYP and how they can be used as tools to guide thinking is becoming more evident as we continue our learning journey towards our PYP Exhibition… I wonder what the central idea is? Tomorrow, each student will draft their central idea independently, then we will discuss the ideas in pairs and then as a class.

Student’s Reflection

Student’s Reflection

We have one more week until we have our final assessment session for swimming. We invite all parents to come along to this session and see how much progress your child has made. It will be a busy session as some students will be proficient across several aspects of different levels. The assessment session is the culmination of our new rotation system in swimming and we are pleased with what we have seen.

Attached above this blog post is a sample of 2 student reflection sheets that demonstrate some of their thinking, coaches feedback, and development along the way. We encourage all parents to discuss with your child about their own reflection/goal sheet and which levels they see themselves at; As well as come along to the final assessment session. We will send out more information about the assessment session next week.

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Grade 5 installation artworks are coming soon!

Grade 5 installation artworks are coming soon!

Grade 5 have been working hard on their installation art ideas over the past few weeks. The Grade 5 Homeroom team have been kind enough to give Art some extra time and support which is enabling these projects to really take shape now. Several Grade 5 students worked together under Ms Kesa’s guidance last Wednesday to summarise the process. Here is their summary:We started off with an installation artist research which was presented on a Keynote. We then shared the information we found with everyone in our table. This helped us to decide and think of ideas for our own installation art idea.

We were inquirers which meant we committed ourselves to finding the best information online. We had to be creative to think and be open-minded and reflective when our ideas didn’t work. We presented and communicated our ideas effectively. We were flexible when group decision making in order to be open-minded to other ideas. We had to use metacognition to make sure we use our strengths to the best of our ability.

We look forward to posting the open times for installation artworks here in the coming weeks and ask you to check out the Art blog folio posts students have been completing since November 14. These aim to explain the students inspiration and upcoming artworks.
Please talk with your children about their chosen artwork so they get lots of different perspectives on the messages they’ve chosen to highlight and the challenges they’re facing working in groups on a creative project within a tight timeframe. Your support is invaluable and their ideas are really worthwhile.
I can’t wait to see the original, thought-provoking artworks that will result from all the thinking and effort the Grade 5 artists are currently putting in. Go Grade 5 artists!
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