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Month: March 2019

Individual Art Projects

Individual Art Projects

After working in groups for our Installation Art unit, Grade 5 students have been busy planning and designing an individual art project based on their own interests. The theme for this unit is under Who We Are while focusing on the central idea of “creations reflect our sense of self.”

Grade 5 students chose a medium they liked to work with and a topic or theme that they were interested in creating an art work about. There are a wide range of projects being worked on from drawing and painting to clay and paper, wire and cardboard sculptures. As the students finish their projects they will begin creating artist statements while preparing how to share and present their final piece to others.

Maths Presentation

Maths Presentation

Dear Parents


Here is the link to the Maths Presentation that was given to parents a few week’s ago.

SSIS Parent presentation Maths CH.pdf


Kind regards

Mrs Naisara


Sports Day is coming soon!!!!

Sports Day is coming soon!!!!

March 29th is the Grade 1 to 5 sports day, we will begin preparing students for this during PE class over the next 3 weeks – some classes have already started.

The focus of this day is Healthy Competition.

Using the PSPE framework of Identity, Active Living, and Interactions we can explain the day like this –

§  Students will identify within their house group whilst competing in Active athletic events of entailing Running, jumping, and throwing, all the while Interacting and participating within the whole sports day.

One thing we would like to establish with all students is that whilst we can’t all be Usain Bolt we can all improve our speed by focusing on our technique. Attached to this blog post are some very broad tips for running faster – we will be exploring these more in class during the next few weeks.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng

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