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Month: October 2018

Installation Art

Installation Art

Grade 5 students have had a great start to the year in art classes! They began by learning about Tim Kelly’s installation idea that has spread to schools around the globe connecting students and artists alike by creating meaningful artworks. Check out his websites here:

Artist: Tim Kelly

Puzzle Project

While focusing on the basic design rules of CARP, the students set off designing a puzzle piece based on personal interests or inspirations. Their final works are now on display in the hallway near BS101, so make sure to stop by and see these awesome creations!

Welcome to 5KN!

Welcome to 5KN!

Hello students and parents!

Welcome to our brand new Homeroom blog for the school year. Sorry there’s been a little delay getting these up and running. We’re here now though and ready to go!

Throughout the year 5KN will be sharing a whole lot of what we do on this blog: our learning experiences, our questions, our reflections, and what we get up to in art, music, and PE.

We encourage parents to check in regularly and leave a comment on our learning! We read them out in class and love getting them.

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