December 9

Week 15

Welcome to the last week until the winter holidays. I can’t believe how fast this year is going.

The students have had a mother busy week. A highlight in the week was the Hour of Code. They were able to try numerous activities that involved coding and they loved it. They were engaged, motivated and learning all at the same time!

At assembly last week, 5KF showed their many talents as they sang and performed. Over a quarter of the class performed in one way or another. Bianca and Irene sang beautifully and  The Princess Band had another outstanding performance. The boys are have put so much of their own time to practice and perfect their performance and it really showed. Even Mr Bruford stopped by to watch!

The children are very excited this week and we have lots of busy and fun activities happening. This week’s activities will included Secret Squirrel, baking, and some craft activities to wind up before the holidays.

Have a great week.