Student Directed Learning

Student Directed Learning

I wonder how Student Directed Learning time can help me become a more independent learner?

Each day, students will have Student Directed Learning time scheduled.  This is an opportunity for students to make decisions about their learning.  Students will choose what weekly learning activities they will work on, how they will present their learning within these and what resources they will need to use to help them complete their work.  The learning activities are teacher directed and are linked to the current transdisciplinary theme the students are engaged within.

During Student Directed Learning time the teachers are either working with individuals or small groups of students.  This could look like a mini-lesson where important skills and knowledge are taught, or an individual conference in which student learning goals are set and reflected on.

Supporting Student Learning…

To guide the students with their learning, each week they receive a detailed schedule that indicates the weekly plan and program.  The students use their homeroom blog to access descriptions of the weekly learning activities.  The homeroom blog becomes an important place to access learning activities, and also acts as an important platform for learning reflections to be made.

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