Home Learning Options

Home Learning Options

I wonder how I can connect my learning at school with my home schedule?

As you inquire into your learning there will be many opportunities to practice your skills, knowledge and thinking at home.  Yes, you are required to do homework!

During inquiry within each Transdisciplinary theme, you will receive a new home learning matrix.  On this matrix there are a number of activities that you can choose to complete each week.  The minimum requirement is to complete one activity per week.  These activities connect with the important Learner Profiles.

A non-negotiable is reading!  Each week you visit the library on Thursday.  During your browse, borrow and brag sessions you are responsible for choosing books that you can enjoy during your home reading.  You are expected to read for twenty minutes, daily.

We are currently inquiring into Where We Are In Place and Time.  Here is the home work matrix that connects to this Transdisciplinary theme.

Please feel free to share your home learning on your school blog, by sending an email or writing it down on a piece of paper.

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