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Thinking About Week 8 and beyond.

Thinking About Week 8 and beyond.

Mindfulness is about being in the moment.  It is important for us to stop, think, relax and reflect at moments throughout our day.  Our lives are so busy and sometimes we forget to take the opportunity to think about what it is we are trying to achieve.  Mindfulness is an approach to help us achieve a focussed state of thinking.  Ms Anu has been helping us inquire into how we can be more mindful individuals.

Practising being Mindful in our homeroom class

Working with Ms Flutey’s class as we inquire further into Where We Are in Place and Time

A push, pull and a twist connects us to our thinking in Where We Are in Place and Time.  In class, we are currently inquiring into migration and the effects it has on individuals, groups of people and whole communities.  A push is when we have no choice, but to move from one place to another.  A pull is when we have a choice about moving.  Usually we are pushed to new places to live because of good job opportunities, family connections and or changes in our lifestyle.  A twist happens when we begin processing our thinking about a place when we have lived there for an extended period of time.

We are excited!  Book Week is just around the corner.

Book Week is coming!  Stay tuned…we have a lot planned to celebrate the beauty and enjoyment of Literacy.

Week 7 Reflection…The Week It Was!

Week 7 Reflection…The Week It Was!

This week the students worked hard to create their Sways.  Sway is a program that the students have been using to create a digital album of their memories of Yangcheng Camp.  Most of the students when they have finished their Sways will provide you with a link from their Blogfolios to share with you.

Learning to be an agent is key to the students success in 5GA.  The students need to work independently, with enthusiasm and manage their timetables to achieve success in completing the weekly learning challenges:  literacy, numeracy and unit of inquiry.  The students are getting better at regulating their behavior, thinking and controlling their emotions, including impulses.

Did you know that next week our series of assemblies will begin, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’  All grade 5 students will be involved in the planning, creating and executing this process.  It will be a wonderful success.  I know all grade 5 students will be excited to learn more about this in the new school week.

Have a fabulous weekend- you all deserve it!

Week 6…What an awesome week to have a camp!

Week 6…What an awesome week to have a camp!

Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou

This week we went to Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou, for our Grade 5 camp.  We were very excited on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  On Wednesday we departed for Yangcheng Lake.  We stayed on the glorious grounds of the Fairmont Hotel, choosing to sleep in our 5 star created tents.  Check out Mr Alksne’s Sway presentation to enjoy our photographs from our camp using the link below:

We arrived back to school on Friday afternoon, very tired, but thankful for the many new and wonderful memories we made together on camp.  We had a great time together on camp and this will be one of many highlights of our year together.  Thank you to our grade 5 teachers for making our camp such an amazing adventure!

The Week It Was! Week 5

The Week It Was! Week 5

Being Reflective!

For our reflections this week, I asked the students to complete the following four open-ended statements:

  1. Grade 5 has been awesome so far because…
  2. I had a great week learning about…
  3. Camp is here!  I need to remember…
  4. The month of September is nearly over.  In October I will…

To view how the students responded to these statements, please look at their individual Blogfolios.

However, I wonder how Mr Alksne would respond to these questions?

Grade 5 has been awesome so far because I have really enjoyed getting to know my new students.  I have been surprised by their talents, skills and ways of thinking about their world.  Some of my students ask some amazing questions.  I am already learning so much from my students too.  This week I learnt how to use RAZ-Kids.

I had a great week learning about how I can get my students to ask better questions.  This week I asked my students to complete an activity about where you can find large numbers in measurements.  I discovered that we need to spend more time together as a class learning how to ask more meaningful questions to get better responses.

Yes, Camp is here!  I need to remember to bring enough pairs of socks.  I love going camping and enjoying our great outdoors.  I like exploring.  Having a good pair of shoes is important.  Having lots of socks are important too.  You never know when you may get wet!

In October I will not make the same mistakes as I made in September.  However, in October I am sure I will make just as many mistakes.  Mistake making is fine.  What is important is that I always learn from the mistakes I make.  I will always back up my computer’s hard drive…


It’s A New Beginning!

It’s A New Beginning!

Hello everyone:  students, teachers, parents and the wider learning community.

Welcome to 5GA’s blog!

Over the coming days and weeks, our blog is going to come alive with interesting resources, information, reflections, links and a lot of other things, which celebrate the work of the hard-working 5GA students.

We are going to have an amazing year together, which we will celebrate new learning, growth and fun experiences.  I hope you visit our blog often, leave generous comments about our learning and share in the joy of our work.

It is going to be an awesome year!

Stay tuned for further updates by subscribing to our blog and make sure you bookmark this site in your browsers!

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