Three Weeks of Rest, Relaxation and Fun: Week 17 Begins!

Three Weeks of Rest, Relaxation and Fun: Week 17 Begins!

Those Winter holidays went quick!

Many students in 5GA went back to their home countries to celebrate Christmas.  Some students travelled through China and learnt new things about their host country, China.  And some students stayed in Suzhou and enjoyed the opportunity to relax, spend time with their family and friends.  We all agreed, it was a great holiday and we felt ready to come back to school.

This week has been awesome because I was really happy to see all my students again.  My students really enjoyed the opportunity to see each other again, and I know they were super excited to see me too.  Well, I hope!  We continued our learning where we left off, and were able to complete challenges we hadn’t quite finished, and of course, begin new and exciting ones too!

If I were part of the world’s new Government I would surround myself with the best possible people I could find to collaborate with and make insightful decisions on how we could improve the organisation of how we live as global citizens.  We would set long term goals to improve opportunities for all people, think creatively on how we could improve our environment and celebrate our differences.  It would be a huge challenge to collaborate with all of the world’s people, but what an exciting task it would be to bring everyone together.

I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and reflecting on our awesome Week 17.

I wonder what new learning adventures await us in the new school week?

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