An Hour of Code and More: Week 15

An Hour of Code and More: Week 15

This week we had a busy time exploring Political Systems, Number Operations and Discussion as a form of communication.  The students continued reading their Guided Readers, attended their specialist subjects and enjoyed 5KN’s assembly performance at the end of the week.  It was an exciting week of new learning!

On Thursday 5GA attended their Hour of Code.  It wasn’t exactly an hour, but it was enough time to explore the many activities that Ms Carol and Ms Melinda had organised for us to explore.  Mr Alksne learnt more about the history of coding, while the class enjoyed exploring the coding activities.  This including coordinating the movements of a robot, painting using sphereos, communicating with each other using codes and building apparatus and models systematically.  The students learnt through play, sharing and trial and error.  We will continue our explorations of code back in our homerooms.  Coding is something we all enjoyed!

On Friday we had two special visiting teachers from OCAC  join us to learn more about our inquiry approach to learning.  We demonstrated how we use inquiry to learn problem solving within Mathematics.  We also demonstrated to them how mindfulness is an approach we use to focus our minds on the learning process.  It was a great opportunity to share with our new teaching friends how we are learning and what excites us about SSIS.

We now look forward to our last week before the Winter holidays.

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