We Turned the Lights On! Week 14

We Turned the Lights On! Week 14

This week was a busy week in 5GA.  The students worked on their weekly learning challenges, enjoyed a Pennant Raising Ceremony for ACAMIS volleyball and finally the Christmas Tree lights were turned on.  It is the season to be jolly, as we look forward to two more weeks of school before our Winter holidays!  Everyone is very excited and exhausted at the same time!

We continued our new unit of inquiry, ‘How We Organise Ourselves,’ this week.  The students had to inquire into the different systems used by Governments around the world to serve the needs and wants of their populations.  The students discovered that there are many different forms of systems and that nations use a combination to meet their specific requirements.  No system is better than the other, as all systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

Political systems are complicated and complex.  The students realised that there are many parts to a political system, which make it very challenging to function successfully.  However, Governments around the world work very hard to serve their people as best they can with the resources they have available to them.

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