A Grade 5 Cross-Collaborative Inquiry: Week 12

A Grade 5 Cross-Collaborative Inquiry: Week 12

It was another busy week in 5GA!

This week the main focus was on the students working with each other towards completing their cross-collaborative inquiry within the unit Where We Are In Place and Time.  The students had to choose their group of three other students and think about a migration story they would like to inquire into.  This migration story could be personal, recent or a past event.  The students had to focus on the push, pull and twist factors associated with this migration.

A key element of the students’ work was for them to think about how they could tell a great story and immerse their audience within their inquiry.  Each group was conferenced throughout the week during their learning process and encouraged to think about a technological tool that would enhance their story telling.

In the new school week, the students will present their migration stories to each other through a rotating showcase. This will be an opportunity for the students to provide each other with critical feedback and learn from each others’ experiences.

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