What a short-long Week 11!

What a short-long Week 11!

This week we spent our first three days together completing our teaching and learning challenges from last week.  The students had to complete their explorations of triangles, reflect on their experiences of the Jewish Settlers’ Museum and complete finding out more about their parents’ or grandparents’ migration stories.  The students also planned for the week ahead.

In the new school week, the students will work collaboratively with the other homeroom classes to complete their final inquiry into WWAIPT:  The Grade 5 Collaborative Inquiry.

During this week, we also visited our friends in the Grade 3 classes.  They have been inquiring into systems.  The grade 3 students proudly talked to us about what is a system and how they help us achieve our goals more efficiently.  It was great to hear these students talk and demonstrate to us how their chosen systems worked.

5GA were very proud of their new grade 3 friends and their learning achievements.

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