The Book Worm within Me! Week 10

The Book Worm within Me! Week 10

The 5GA Reading Program

In class this week I have been reading ‘Run, Pip, Run,’ to the students.  This is an interesting storyline, which presents to the students a different perspective on life.  The students are enjoying listening to this novel read to them during our Shared Reading sessions.  These sessions take place after lunch on three days of our week.  Shared Reading is a great opportunity for them to practise their Mindfulness, whilst enjoying being read to.

Guided Reading groups resumed this week for many of the students.  We have five Guided Reading groups in our class.  Each group is reading a different novel, which is pitched at their ‘challenge’ level.  Some of the novels the children are sharing to each other are classics, and others are new stories that have recently been published.  The students are enjoying their novels and helping each other with their reading process and comprehension.

Reading is an important process in helping us learn.  Reading is also a pleasurable activity to do also.  We should all make reading a part of our lives.  What a great excuse to escape and enjoy the lives of other characters.  We have had a great week of reading.

I wonder what you are reading?

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