Book Week, ending Week 9

Book Week, ending Week 9

This week we visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees’ Museum.  I left wondering what an incredible story and miracle it was for the Jewish people.  As I walked around the museum, I felt very emotional and at the same time, interested in the incredible story of the Jewish people.  We were lucky enough to speak to some of their visiting family members when we were at the museum.  They were very happy to see us and share their family histories with us.

Carl Gough, from Wales, visited us.  He was very exciting to listen to.  Carl told us many stories from Wales.  These stories were romantic, humorous and sometimes, very scary.  Within every story he told us there was a surprise.  I really enjoyed listening to Carl.  He put on a great presentation for our class.

Book Week has come and gone.  I will remember walking through the high school in my costume and the older students clapping and cheering us.  I will remember our book parade in the gym.  Our youngest students looked amazing in their costumes and the teachers were funny when they did the Chicken Dance.  We ended our Book Week celebrations with a Character Hunt.  This was fun!  Around everyone corner of our school, hid a teacher dressed in costume.

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