Week 7 Reflection…The Week It Was!

Week 7 Reflection…The Week It Was!

This week the students worked hard to create their Sways.  Sway is a program that the students have been using to create a digital album of their memories of Yangcheng Camp.  Most of the students when they have finished their Sways will provide you with a link from their Blogfolios to share with you.

Learning to be an agent is key to the students success in 5GA.  The students need to work independently, with enthusiasm and manage their timetables to achieve success in completing the weekly learning challenges:  literacy, numeracy and unit of inquiry.  The students are getting better at regulating their behavior, thinking and controlling their emotions, including impulses.

Did you know that next week our series of assemblies will begin, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’  All grade 5 students will be involved in the planning, creating and executing this process.  It will be a wonderful success.  I know all grade 5 students will be excited to learn more about this in the new school week.

Have a fabulous weekend- you all deserve it!

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