Week 6…What an awesome week to have a camp!

Week 6…What an awesome week to have a camp!

Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou

This week we went to Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou, for our Grade 5 camp.  We were very excited on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  On Wednesday we departed for Yangcheng Lake.  We stayed on the glorious grounds of the Fairmont Hotel, choosing to sleep in our 5 star created tents.  Check out Mr Alksne’s Sway presentation to enjoy our photographs from our camp using the link below:


We arrived back to school on Friday afternoon, very tired, but thankful for the many new and wonderful memories we made together on camp.  We had a great time together on camp and this will be one of many highlights of our year together.  Thank you to our grade 5 teachers for making our camp such an amazing adventure!

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