The Week It Was! Week 5

The Week It Was! Week 5

Being Reflective!

For our reflections this week, I asked the students to complete the following four open-ended statements:

  1. Grade 5 has been awesome so far because…
  2. I had a great week learning about…
  3. Camp is here!  I need to remember…
  4. The month of September is nearly over.  In October I will…

To view how the students responded to these statements, please look at their individual Blogfolios.

However, I wonder how Mr Alksne would respond to these questions?

Grade 5 has been awesome so far because I have really enjoyed getting to know my new students.  I have been surprised by their talents, skills and ways of thinking about their world.  Some of my students ask some amazing questions.  I am already learning so much from my students too.  This week I learnt how to use RAZ-Kids.

I had a great week learning about how I can get my students to ask better questions.  This week I asked my students to complete an activity about where you can find large numbers in measurements.  I discovered that we need to spend more time together as a class learning how to ask more meaningful questions to get better responses.

Yes, Camp is here!  I need to remember to bring enough pairs of socks.  I love going camping and enjoying our great outdoors.  I like exploring.  Having a good pair of shoes is important.  Having lots of socks are important too.  You never know when you may get wet!

In October I will not make the same mistakes as I made in September.  However, in October I am sure I will make just as many mistakes.  Mistake making is fine.  What is important is that I always learn from the mistakes I make.  I will always back up my computer’s hard drive…


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