And that was Week 37, just like that!

And that was Week 37, just like that!

What an awesome week of new learning and celebrating!

During Week 37 the students worked enthusiastically on showcasing their Celebration of Learning and Graduation.  On Thursday night they presented their work to their parents, teachers and each other.

It was a fabulous night, which everyone enjoyed.

We are now all looking forward to our final week of learning at SSIS.  It is going to be an awesome last week of new learning, games and a bit of fun too.

Here are some photographs from our Celebration of Learning and Graduation event.

Thank you parents and friends for attending our celebrations.


A Rainy End to the Week! Celebrating Week 36

A Rainy End to the Week! Celebrating Week 36

It was another fun, exciting and busy week in 5GA.  The students had Literacy, Numeracy and Unit of Inquiry challenges to compete.  They also had to work hard towards preparing for their Celebration of Learning and Graduation events, which will be held next week.

This week the students also prepared for their Bridging Week.   We had a Buddy Mixer on Friday.

5GA will be going to middle school on Thursday next week to visit their buddies.  On Friday they met their buddies for the first time.  The grade 6 students gave 5GA students, letters of introduction and their timetable for the day.  It was a great afternoon of making new connections and possibly, new friendships.

Here are some photographs from our Buddy Mixer.

What is your Legacy? Week 35

What is your Legacy? Week 35

A Celebration of Learning and Graduation!

This week the students have been working hard towards building their Celebration of Learning.  This will be a showcase of the student work, which they have engaged within after they returned from their Distance Learning program.  The Celebration of Learning will be shared prior to the students’ Graduation, which is scheduled for Thursday 11 June.  More information to come about this.

A lasting legacy…will be…

The students’ Graduation Ceremony is being planned simultaneously.  This is a very exciting event for our students, who are looking forward to transitioning to middle school.  Lots of exciting activities are planned for this event, which the students have been working hard to prepare.  Again, more information about this event will be sent to parents and our community soon.

More information to come about these exciting events!

Stay tuned!  Lots continues to happen in 5GA as we race towards our approaching Summer holidays!

Thinking About Changing: Week 34

Thinking About Changing: Week 34

This week the students finished making their I Love Fraction games.  Their games were played by Ms Flutey’s students who then provided my students with feedback on their work.  Ms Flutey’s students provided my class with positive constructive feedback.  By listening and reflecting on feedback, my students are able to make positive changes in moving forwards with their learning.

In class the students have continued to learn about the related concept of change.  They have learnt that we change in many ways and it is something we can’t stop.  We need to embrace change and think positively about it.  This week the students designed and created a survey to find out more about middle school.  Their surveys will be answered by grade 6 students.

It was a great week of new learning.

Here are some photographs of Ms Flutey’s class enjoying the I Love Fraction games.

A Month of Old and New G5: Week 33

A Month of Old and New G5: Week 33

This week we have been exploring poetry as part of our How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry.  The students have been writing limericks and free verse poems.  As we are talking about changes, the students have also created poetic raps about this concept.  The students have enjoyed having lots of poems read to them too.

The students begun work on their Rube Goldberg technology plans this week.  They have been exploring how a chain reaction connects to the idea of sequencing in coding.  The students challenge is to build a device that completes one task, using everyday materials and objects.  It has been an exciting project!

We have now been back at school for one month.  We have ALL made a wonderful transition back to new routines and exciting learning.

Getting Placed for Middle School- Week 32

Getting Placed for Middle School- Week 32

Getting ready for Middle School.

This week 5GA sat the first two parts of their English Placement Test.  This test helps the middle school teachers set new language learning classes, which best cater for their English needs, in the new school year.  They had to complete a grammar and comprehension test, which was followed by a writing exercise.  In the writing exercise the students had to compose a piece about a new form of technology, which would change the world.  In the new school week, the students will complete their English Placement Test.  They will have a speaking and listening exercise.

The students are currently learning about fractions, decimals and percentages in their Mathematics lessons.  As part of finding out what they already know, the students had to show their prior knowledge through creating a new cushion design.  The students talked a lot about their knowledge before they began their designs.  Their cushions will be completed next week, which will involve a process of stuffing them with filing and then stitching the sides together.

Finally, self-management skills have been the big topic of discussion in our conferences this week.  Many students commented on the difficulty they have in managing their time, in particularly prioritising their work to-be-completed.  This will be a focus for learning in the new school week.

It’s been a great week of new learning!

A Shortened, but Awesome Week 31

A Shortened, but Awesome Week 31

This was a shortened working week for us as we headed into our May Day holiday, which begun on Friday.

We love holidays!

This week we continued to explore our understanding of How the World Works by completing several STEAM projects in pairs.  The paired-groups either made the Hydraulic Claw and or the Wind Walker.  Both projects were a challenge, but the students managed to collaborate with one another to solve their issues.   As Energy has been the big idea behind our recent conversations, the students were able to make insightful connections with this related concept to their creations.

It has bee full STEAM ahead!

In Mathematics, the students continue to demonstrate their growing understanding of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.  The students have practiced their skills through problems of the week, problem based activities and lots of deliberate practice.  The students are currently making cushions to express their understanding of Fractions, which this week they have enjoyed the design process.  Stuffing and sewing their creations is still to come.

We ended our shortened week by celebrating Leya’s birthday.  Her older brother organised a surprise, which all of us enjoyed.  We had another great week of learning together!

Happy birthday, Leya!

The Re-Opening of Grade 5, end of Week 30

The Re-Opening of Grade 5, end of Week 30

We are back!

This week our grade 5 students were allowed to come back to school, after spending three-months remote learning.  We were all very excited to see one another again and get on with real-time learning.  All students were very excited to see their friends and teachers.   It has been a great week!

What has been some of our new learning?

We began our Coding sessions with Ms Melinda.   The students learnt about how coding is the language of technology.  The students listened to a story about a robot that builds a sandcastle.  The robot followed a sequence, performed several loops and followed precise ‘if’, ‘then’ and ‘else’ commands.  The robot was able to build a marvelous sandcastle because it was provided with the correct and accurate information.

Playing, tinkering and blowing up many balloons is how we learnt more about static electricity.  The students had to create a negative charge on their balloon and see those objects that it would be attracted to it.  The students continued to learn more about energy, which was part of our How the World Works, unit of inquiry.

It has been a great week!

Reflecting on Week 18- Two and a half days to go!

Reflecting on Week 18- Two and a half days to go!

We have had another great week of teaching and learning!

This week our biggest achievement has been every grade 5 student working positively towards developing their Nation within the How We Organise Ourselves Collaborative Inquiry.  Students have been placed into groups of four and are expected over a week-period to develop a new Nation, which best represents their randomly selected People. Each group needs to think deeply on how they will organise a political system that best serves their people.

Soon the students will present their inquiries to visiting grade 7 students and convince them that they have made positive political choices.

In part of our Wellbeing Program, 5GA students continue to challenge their fellow homeroom mates within a series of games to determine, which is the ‘strongest’ and ‘fiercest’ homeroom class.  Unfortunately, 5GA has finished last in both games in the Battle of the Homeroom Series. I am sure 5GA students will step up in future games and continue to develop their game strategies.

We are all very excited about the approaching Chinese New Year holiday.  Two and a half days to go!

Three Weeks of Rest, Relaxation and Fun: Week 17 Begins!

Three Weeks of Rest, Relaxation and Fun: Week 17 Begins!

Those Winter holidays went quick!

Many students in 5GA went back to their home countries to celebrate Christmas.  Some students travelled through China and learnt new things about their host country, China.  And some students stayed in Suzhou and enjoyed the opportunity to relax, spend time with their family and friends.  We all agreed, it was a great holiday and we felt ready to come back to school.

This week has been awesome because I was really happy to see all my students again.  My students really enjoyed the opportunity to see each other again, and I know they were super excited to see me too.  Well, I hope!  We continued our learning where we left off, and were able to complete challenges we hadn’t quite finished, and of course, begin new and exciting ones too!

If I were part of the world’s new Government I would surround myself with the best possible people I could find to collaborate with and make insightful decisions on how we could improve the organisation of how we live as global citizens.  We would set long term goals to improve opportunities for all people, think creatively on how we could improve our environment and celebrate our differences.  It would be a huge challenge to collaborate with all of the world’s people, but what an exciting task it would be to bring everyone together.

I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and reflecting on our awesome Week 17.

I wonder what new learning adventures await us in the new school week?

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