Old & Modern Suzhou

Old & Modern Suzhou

Living in Suzhou has changed my life more than in my home country. I think the environment is better than in my home country. I have visited China several times for holidays and to see my dad whose job is in Kunshan. I’ve come to love Suzhou and I am going to tell you about a couple of my favorite places that I think you should visit.

Shantang Jie


Shantang Jie is in old town Suzhou, it was built in AD 825. Shantang Jie was cited as the first street in Suzhou. The street is sectioned with two bridges, Bantang Bridge and Duseng Bridge. There are a lot of shops there, it is a good place to walk around for local snacks and souvenirs. There are some accessories, toys, etc. Some snacks are fruits, sweets, etc. If you visit Shantang Jie, you can see all sorts of buildings that are very old. The food is good, and there is a lot to choose from. There is a canal that flows Shantang Jie to Tiger Hill, you can travel by taking a boat. There are seven Stone Cats in Shantang Jie, each cat represents good fortune. They are carved and placed at the Shantang-side crossing point for the canal’s bridges. Shantang Jie is a must visit site in Suzhou.

Dongfangzhimen area (Jinji Lake, Suzhou Center)


This is the place that is a bit closer to my apartment. I’ve been there multiple times, and I think you should go too. There is place next to the Jinji Lake with a tall building called the Gate to the East or Dongfangzhimen, the building is also known as the Pants Building because of how it was shaped. There is a mall called Suzhou Center, the largest mall in Suzhou. There are a lot of stuff there, you can buy everything you want, like figures, stationeries, and more. Suzhou Center is located in the middle of Suzhou. The Jinji Lake isn’t a natural lake, it is a manmade lake.

These are the 2 places in Suzhou that are very interesting to visit. You will have a good time visiting these places.

“Shantang Street (Seven-Li Shantang)” Shantang Street, Seven-Li Shan Tang of Suzhou

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