Bridging Week Reflections Week 37

Bridging Week Reflections Week 37

What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

I expect that it will be fun and challenging!

What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

In secondary the teachers gives us a challenge and we have to complete by ourselves. If we can’t finish this challenge in this amount of time we will get consequences.

What questions remain unanswered for you?

What are we allowed to do in lunch time?

What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

Some positive observations for me are that there are many classes, so it becomes more and more challenging.

How could we make Bridging Week a better opportunity to learn about middle school?

Maybe a bit more time will be better, So I can explore more, and where everything belongs, or is.

A Rainy End to the Week: 36

A Rainy End to the Week: 36

My expectation for bridging week is to know most of the places where things are in secondary.

In middle school my dream is to know more knowledge. I need to work on thinking skills and social skills. Another dream for me is to have more freedom, because we don’t get any time to relax in school.

My number one memory in grade 5 is camp, camp is my best memory because I had fun there, activities, sports, teamwork(very challenging). I eat god food, and slept very deep.

I will miss our playground, our GYM, our class rooms, our learning, our experiences!

Bye grade 5(in a few weeks)!

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

Planning for celebration of learning! We really have been thinking what we are doing in the Celebration of learning, which is also the graduation. The graduation will start at 5pm to 6.30pm. We will have different activities. First will be the Celebration, then there will be a graduation.

Graduation means to me, that we are going to another part of the school and we have become big kids now, so we have to be better agents. We have to be more independent on our projects, so it will be more challenging than now!

We learned a lot about mindfulness in grade 5, but we are not going to learn it in grade 6, so we have to anchor or calm ourselves to be mindful. Mindful is very important because we have to be aware of where we are, and focus on the present.

I am moving/ looking forward to be a grade 6, and I wish it will be fun and challenging.

Thinking about changing week 34

Thinking about changing week 34

The week me and my team had to create a math game that helps you improve your fraction, decimal, and percentage skills. The other class came to play it, and of course we got some feedback! Some feedbacks were not polite, but some I really agreed on, like they can easily look at the answer, and even one of the answers were wrong!!!

This week we also had to complete a challenge. The challenge was to make a poem about changes, and to make it into a song or rap, so we can perform it for the class… Eann(my friend) created the words for the poem, and Jason(my friend) sang the song, and I created the GarageBand, in other words “music”.

This week I learned a lot about changes, and how it helps you! Change can be your style, it can be how you participate in the class, and so on…

I really really liked this week, because I could play and have fun with my friends, and understand new things. Or learn new things. Thank you for the good week Mr Alksne (Our teacher).



A Month of old/new G5

A Month of old/new G5

This week our class has been inquiring into poetry, Mr Alksne, our teacher reads poetries to us, and lets us understand how to write poetries. I really like poetry, because they are fun, and exciting!

Last week we have been working on our Rube Goldberg machine. This is a very cool machine, and a spacial one. It starts with a small touch and then the pattern becomes bigger and bigger, at last maybe something will drop, maybe it will push people into the pool! If you want to see more about this machine go to the website: or or

In this school many things have changed, like class rooms and learning. The class rooms have changed by facing the tables in the same direction. Now in learning, we normally have maths everyday in between snack and lunch!

I liked this week very much, because I have learned a lot, and had fun with my friends and teachers.

Getting Placed for Middle School-Week 32

Getting Placed for Middle School-Week 32

How I felt about the English placement test. This Tuesday our class had a English placement test, its all about reading and writing. I felt a bit nervous at the start of the test but then it was ok! I wish that I did well for the test so I can get in English A for middle school.

Fraction cushions. Last week we started to make fraction cushions, I had one side of the fraction cushion to show what and how to simplify fractions. The other side of the cushion is equivalent fraction, I showed by drawing the fraction and making it to another fraction, the same meaning.

Self management. This week I really had to be concentrated for what I did, and how was I doing. Sometimes I played to much Nitro type, but I finished all pf my challenges!

For me, this week was nice and relaxing, with a bit of test is Ok. I also really needed to have test so I could improve my English faster and in a better way.

The Re-opening of Grade5

The Re-opening of Grade5

I am very excited to be back at school. I first felt a bit shy and nervous but at last it is was fun, and I could see all my good friends again.

This week we did coding, we listened to a story ”How to Code a Sandcastle”. In that story I learned to be very specific what we tell the robot/machine to do, after that we gave instructions how to build a lego structure. I really wonder if Ms Melinda is a expert at coding!

Time to see Static electricity, rub, rub, rub on mine hair, then we had to see if we could stick anything to the balloon, like feathers, oats, paper clip, and more. Although we had a small time working on it, it was fun.

In conclusion, I had a awesome and fun week. I wish that next week we be a better one!

Week 17 The new decade

Week 17 The new decade

The best thing about my Winter holidays were, me and my family had a good dinner in the W hotel called the kitchen table. I ate some pizza, pasta, and some hot dogs.

This week has been awesome because, I get to meet my friends again, so I not boring at all.

If I were the world government I would not any factories that makes pollution so the world will look nicer, The air quality will be better than before. One thing I think needs to be changed is people and students should be able to access to water, food, and shelter.

I am looking forward to the weekend because after that I am going to Belgium, to meet my friends and family.

The winter holidays have arrived! Week 16

The winter holidays have arrived! Week 16

This week was bit of a secret, because we had to keep our secret friends in our minds.

This holiday I look forward to nothing, because the only thing I can do, is do homework.

Next year I will change my manners, and I have to be more conscious of time.

I think my school report will say, I am good at helping people, but I have to be more conscious of time.

my homework thinker

my homework thinker

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