Bridging Week Reflections 🌉

Bridging Week Reflections 🌉

  • What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

We are expecting to learn about how grade 6 is like (middle school). We have to know cause we are                                                          transforming into middle school and we have to know what are they learning about and just get familiar in with middle                    school so we can get along.

  • What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

What grade six is like and what level we should be on, also how hard we have. to work through it to get good grades.

  • What questions remain unanswered for you?

How do they work, they said it was an “action week”, but I still want to know what is the normal week like.

  • What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

I saw them communicating with others and sharing ideas, interviewing and another bunch of things they do to connect with each other.

  • How could we make Bridging Week a better opportunity to learn about middle school?

Maybe you could let us ourselves to go to classes and be familiar more into middle school. Like we go to classes ourself                     without people telling us where to go. Just to know where to go when we tramsform. (Try to know)


A Rainy End To The Week 36 🌧

A Rainy End To The Week 36 🌧

Explanations for Bridging week

So firstly, I am transforming into middle school, so Mr. Alksne prepared us to work with an grade six to know what it is like in middle school. My buddy is Zhu Emily, well, I don’t really know who this person is, but I’m sure she will be really kind. I am really excited!

Middle school dreams and aspirations

My dream for middle school is drama, because I want to improve my presenting skills and so I want to do drama, also, I want to design, cause I like to make things and cook and well, basically, I like to do stuff, so I want also to design too.

Number one memory for G5

My number one memory is the G5 Camp, it gives me lots of comfort and I really REALLY like to camp with my friends, also, I just like to camp and I don’t even know why I like it, I just SOOOOO love to camp.  I like to play and cooperate with other classmates. I am still looking forwards to next week’s camp!!!!

What will you miss from your G5 experience?

I will miss the camp and my teachers, also, some of my friends are moving away, so I will miss them soo mush!!! I will miss my classes and my classroom. BYE G5!!!! Good Luck!

中文 Reflection

中文 Reflection

中文 Reflection

Key words:

满身绒毛 烟波浩渺 荷香远溢 晶莹澄澈 眷恋祖国 低头折节 心怀妒忌 生气妙算 醇浓好吃 擒捉发落 踉踉跄跄 情不自禁 矜待不苟 天真淘气 诸亲六眷 天衣无缝

助人为乐 忠于职守 津津有味 目光警惕


我把叶子翻来覆去看了半天, 怎么也猜不出它藏着什么奥妙。



这样立着, 他觉得,他就很像一棵树,上下没有一个地方不挺脱的。








我最喜欢《猴王出世》这篇课文,因为它是中国《四大名著》其一。可是它只不过是一个片段而已,其实它是还有非常多的故事。美猴王手脚灵活,很有冒险力。我喜欢这篇课文里的四字成语,他们很实用,非常简单就能了解作者想表达什么。这就是我为什么喜欢《猴王出世》这篇课文了! 😁

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

Planning for celebration of learning

Through G5, we are now planning for our Grade 5 learning ceremony, it is all about our work and we have to choose two pieces of writing ro present and one of them must be a poem that we made and the other one is a free chioce,also, we made a elementary journey and we have to present it on the ceremony too.

What does graduation mean? For me….

For me, graduation mean coming from a smaller grade to a bigger leap to a more complicated grade or step. It also means we are growing bigger and we have to learn more stuff to graduate to another step. It will be a really big leap.

An opportunity for mindfulness

This week, Ms. Anu came into our class for the last time teaching us mindfulness, it really is being calm and being aware of things around you. Ms. Anu told us to make a poster cycle about mindfulness, first, you have to be aware, then, you should calm down, after that,  you anchore yourself to focus on the now, then, you have to refresh yourself and stay calm so you dont get more fustrated. Mindfulnees is really helpful to teach us to focus on the ‘now’.

Song reccomendation moving forwards?

Here are some of the song reccomendations for our graduation:

  • <ME!> Taylor Swift
  • <Memories> Maroon 5
  • <Happy> Pharrel Williams
  • <Love Story> Taylor Swift
Thinking about changing Week 34 ⏱

Thinking about changing Week 34 ⏱

This week the feedback I received…

This week, we working in groups to come up with a game of fractions. 5KF came and played with them. They gave us feedback. A feedback is words about your game or something that you made, it is about what have you done and how you can do better. Or it is just a comment. Our feedback was pretty much and I think it helped a lot in out game improving and we all agreed so we could make it much more better.

How have you been learning about change?

This week, we have been all learning about change. Everything changes, evern us! Changes happen everywhere. And also, Mr. Alksne said we have to get into groups and write a poem about change together. It went pretty well and me and my group made a rap about our poem. We used Garageband to help us make the poem rap and we searched music to rhyme with it.

Moving forward (transition)

Next week, I want to improve on my communication skills and my social skills, I think they help me get better at learning and alaso, I would like to improve on my time-management skills to get my work on the previous week done in time. We also had a Chinese test and I think it was pretty easy and I like it.

A month of old/new G5😋

A month of old/new G5😋

How am I feeling about poetry?
I am feeling really interested in poetry and Mr. Alksne is reading to us poetry. I think poetry is really fun and we just play with words to make poetry. We formed a group of two or three making our poetry. There are limericks, that means the first, second and last line’s last word must rhyme and the third and fourth line must rhyme. Limericks must have five lines. Poetry is way too fun!
Our Rube Goldberg machine.
We are working towards making Rube Goldberg machines in coding class with Ms. Melinda. Those machines work by pushing something and make something work. It is really fun and I am working with Nini and Jason. We started to plan out our Rube Goldberg machine and we are ready to make it today in our coding class. We brought everyday materials to make it. I am really excited!!!
What have been some significant changes that I have noticed about learning/school?
I have noticed that people not wearing masks in school. (since the education council said so) Lots of things changed. We have to wash our hands frequently, and we have to wear PE uniforms when we have PE classes, we are doing some big project…… I am really looking forward to it!!!!! 😋
Getting Placed For Middle School – Week 32 👨🏻‍🏫

Getting Placed For Middle School – Week 32 👨🏻‍🏫

How I felt about the English placement test (Reading and Writing)

I felt really nervous at the start, but at last, I felt really confident and I just need to relax and do what I need to do. I think the placement test is pretty easy and it’s a really good practise for me. I think it is a good grade, and I could understand everything.

Fraction cushions

This week, we worked on fraction cushions, it is a creative thing to do and I think it is really fun. That helps us understand fractions really well and I think that’s a way of learning, being creative and making something. We have finished 1/3 on the cushion and Mr. Alksne have sent all of our cushions to do the good stitch for us, on Monday next week, we are going to stuff our cushions and do our final stitch.

Self-Management Group Skills (Prioritising)

I have been self-managing at home during remote learning, cause I do everything by myself and I am really proud. It is a way to be more independent and more “self-managing”. I think I did pretty much and I am happy with myself. About self-managing skills at home. Still, I have been practising it at school too!! I should keep up on my great work! 📝

The Re-opening of G5 🏫

The Re-opening of G5 🏫

My thinking and feelings

This week, we started school. I was really excited about it. I am looking forwards to see my friends and teachers, and I am thinking what have changed during the longest coronavirus break in school!! The first week was amazing!


On Tuesday 21st of April, we went to code with Ms. Melinda. We got to play with legos and learnt about how to give instructions properly and more specific. We had to build something with lego and write the instructions of how to build it. Coding was really hard to me!

Static electricity

This week, we learnt about static electricity. We blowed up balloons and rubbed then on our heads, we are making static electricity! We tried to attract different things, like, Feathers, Oats, Chocolate pebbles, paper clips……. And basically, we played with lots of things to get us going on static electricity!

Summary: something uniquely random

The first week I spent in school was really awesome, and I liked the way that the school had prepared for the re-opening! I am really happy to go to school!!! 🏫

Individual Project Update/My Art Reflection 🎨

Individual Project Update/My Art Reflection 🎨

What do you think your art work will look like?

I think my art work will look really smooth and unique.

Why do you want to make this art work?

Because I like animals and I want to save the endangered animals.

How will you make your art work over 4 double lessons?

I split my work and I do them in sections. So I will get it done quickly.

What do you hope to learn from making this art work?

I hope to learn that making this art work is really fun and a very meaningful thing to do.

If you were to start your independent work again, what would you make?

I would make a sculpture out of recycled things and actually, I think that will be way more fun!🎨

Reflecting in Week 18-2 and a half days to go!!!🎊

Reflecting in Week 18-2 and a half days to go!!!🎊

My biggest achievement this week has been I broke my record on the beep test in P.E. YAY!!!!!

HWOO collaborative inquiry process has been pretty good and we did lot’s of work this week. We have to work together to achieve everything and we are ready to preset!!!

We continue to challenge other Grade 5 homeroom classes, in our Friday well-being sessions. Our secret strategies are choose the fastest person in our class to be the secret agent. And have teamwork in the game.

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