Taking Action

Taking Action

                                                                                                                            My pledge:

Action I have taken: 
  • Use reusable cardboard to make boxes and label them into paper, plastic, battery, fruit skins and other.
  • Tell other people in my family to throw the trash into the right box.
Action I will take:
  • Throw the trash in the right box
  • Two days after and it is full, I will dump it out to the bigger trash can which is public and has labels.
  • Take it back home and use it again.

This is the action I have taken at my home.

It is labeled to paper, plastic, battery, fruit skins and other.

P.E. Reflection week 4

P.E. Reflection week 4

Today me and my group just had a little check on our presentation and everything was fine, but we also made a little change to the errors. We also helped a group to film and now, we are ready for next Friday’s presentation. Today was really good and we all worked hard to change the errors into good information.YAY!!!🥳

My Inquirer Homework

My Inquirer Homework

My visual display

Ways to be a “Good citizen”

  • Take care of the environment
  • Don’t wast too much food and water
  • Throw the rubbish into the trashcan
  • Do not pull the grass and flowers out of the dirt/mud
  • Be polite/respect to the people around you
  • Do not spit on the ground
  • Don’t use too much things that can cause pollution
  • Don’t smoke in Public places
  • Do not drink or eat on the public bus
  • Do not shout in public places
  • Do not run in public places

There are lot’s of ways to be a “Good citizen”, these ones that I’ve just written are just some of it. There are lodes more in the world.


Here are some pictures of the governmental places:

P.E. Reflection Week 3

P.E. Reflection Week 3

Today, my group and I made a video of our presentation. We tried lot of times, and at last, we did a really successful video. When we are finished, we also played  another group’s game about ping-pong. We have had lot’s of fun. I wish that our presentation about our game is good and successful. I am really happy!!!😜

We Turned the Lights On: Week 14

We Turned the Lights On: Week 14

During my student conference this week, I learnt that I have to engage and enrich my learning and also not just do what the teacher told me to do. I have to do more to make my learning better.

I think the role and responsibility of a government is to take care for the country.

Winter holidays are coming! To me, this means I will have a test and have a great Winter holiday this year!! Yay🥳🎄

Art Installation Reflection

Art Installation Reflection

Here are some photos from my installation group:

I think  our art work is pretty good and I really like it. People liked it too!!!!!!!! We leaved our art work in our usual space and I am happy!!!!!! I learnt collaboration and working together!

P.E. Reflection 2019.11.22 Week 2

P.E. Reflection 2019.11.22 Week 2

This is a game that 4-6 can play.

Our skills are:

Dribbling skills Running skills Kicking skills

Our rules are:

There are 5 taggers and 5 teams with 8 people in each group.

The taggers have to wear red bibs.

If the tagger tags you, you have to say “banana” and put your hands together above your head and wait for your team member to free you.

If your team member taps your left arm, you can put it down. And if they tap your right arm, you can also put it down.

Once both arms are free, you can run again.

If all the players in a team has been tagged, that team gets out.All the players needs to kick a ball while running.(no high kicks)

If you are tagged you also have to put the ball between your legs.

Our team work is:

Working together not to get out of the game.

Helping one another.

Give jobs to everyone.

Our Strategies are:


Go different directions.

Guard the tagged people


Watch out for the taggers

Stay in a group so if you are tagged, other players can free you immediately.

We have rules and our boundary is you can play in the field or in a big wide place.

We used Keynote to present our information about our “Banana Game” and we used pages to take notes.

Our group is working pretty well and we have to work on our presentation more and we need to write things down. 😜

A Lucky Week For All Of Us: Week 13

A Lucky Week For All Of Us: Week 13

  • What is your group doing for installation? We are doing a piece called “The Unique Ü” It means that you are the only one of you and there is no one else like you.
  • Our process for installation has included redos disagreements and arguments. Because we changed one of our ideas and sometimes, we are arguing through some little things.
  • We want our visiting audience to know don’t be so shy to speak out and there is only one Ü.
  • I have learnt that we have to be cooperating to make a group have success and we have to communicate out with other different people.
Our Installation Artwork

Our Installation Artwork

On 2019.11.19, me and my group (Charlie and Austin) finally finished our installation art piece. It is an really important project  in art class. Our piece is called  ”The Unique You”. We are really happy with our art piece. On Friday this week, we are ready to show it to the rest of the school!!! I am so excited!

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