Sem1 Week 17

Sem1 Week 17



Last week, 5kn hosted the PSPE. They hosted basketball to play with all the grade 5. I enjoyed that we won the final and we became the first. I disliked that we haven’t got to play with 5ga. I’d like to improve on passing more and shooting the more with accuracy. I think I was balanced because I try to pass a lot to my friend.


I wonder next Friday if our class is going to host



PS:Our class WON




Finally in PE, We’ve got to play some games which we and others made. I enjoyed that we’ve got to play our game but I disliked that we haven’t got to play a lot of games. I’d like to improve on making games more clearly. I think I was Communicator because I talked a lot with my team to win the game.


I wonder if we are going to play more games that other friends made?

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