Sem Week 11

Sem Week 11

Migration Grouping Assessment


At Monday, whole G5 met at BS101 for the G5 collaboration inquiry. I’d like that we can work with other classes but there was something I didn’t liked which was finding group very hardly. I think I could improve on finding group more easier. I think I was Communicator because I was talking to students to make a group.I wonder why we are doing collaborative work all together?




At last Wednesday, I’ve got to do ECA which is playing soccer (JISSA). I enjoyed that I got a extra time to play. Something I didn’t enjoyed was that our team lose all the round. I think I have to improve on soccer skills to won so that it will help our team. I think I was Thinker because I had to think in my mind to win the game and how the team is playing. I wonder why always Oscar’s team won?

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