Sem1 week11 reflection

Sem1 week11 reflection

Princess band

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did band practice. It was band called Princess, the daughter of Queen. On Tuesday, we did “We are the Champions.” On Wednesday we did “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” I think we should improve on timing and focused on our band work. Because someone in our band that was doing bass, he was doing something else like playing game, so he was out in our band. I think I was risk-taker, because other people in our band and I was risk taking on doing the band for the greatest show on earth. I think the good thing was now we are really good at playing instrument of We are the Champions. The worst thing was that we can’t play bohemian rhapsody really well. The question is why are some people in our band not focused on the song and play games and do nothing or doing something else and playing other music that we are not going to do.


I did Jissa soccer and it was fun because we always make teams into different color and have a match. I think the good thing is that when students is in Oscar’s team they always win but the worst thing is that the other team that is not Oscar’s team lose. I think I should improve on doing my defense really well. I was communicator because I communicate with the defender to work out to defense. I wonder why does Oscar team wins all the time even though Oscar chose bad players like?

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