Bridging week 37

Bridging week 37

  • What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

I was expecting……

1 build the good relationship with G6 teachers and G6 students

2 knowing more about grade6 and the location and the room number

3 getting more confident about the changes in middle school

4 know more about the new rules

  • What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

From the experiences my question were answered and that were number 1,2 and 3 because I meet a lots of good friends and I also build up the relation ships. And also at first time I was kind of worried about room number and the location but now I am kind of confident with the middle school location.

  • What questions remain unanswered for you?

number 4 because I did not know the rules because their was a lots of different kinds of rules like we can use phone front of teachers even though it is not a play time(but when they have to focus they focus) and in Korean class we can’t use mac book like you know when teacher doesn’t says like when the teacher didn’t said open the mac book we should not open our mac books it’s like that.

  • What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

the positive observation I have saw was that we have more batter free time and good activity.  I really liked my buddy, she buy me a lots so f things in edu cafe, she introduced most of the things polity, I really liked that she explain really nice and I really liked her too.


  • How could we make Bridging Week a better opportunity to learn about middle school?

I think it will be more batter and have a good opportunity when we ask more things, when we get more knowledge about middle school , positive things and negative things about middle school. And I want to be middle school kids fast as I can.


A Rainy End to the week: 36

A Rainy End to the week: 36

Expectation for bridging week is……… that I get higher  level like more than phase3 or more higher than phase3. And also I wish my buddy is some one who I normally talk with and a sister who speaks Korean because so I can communicate batter and I also expect my buddy is  some one I know so I can be more friendly and I think it will be more batter to communicate with person I know instead of communicating with some one I don’t know.

Middle school dreams and aspiration is having more subjects and doing many ECAs because I really enjoy well being in grade5 but I think in G6 ( middle school will not have any well being) So I like to do more ECA’s. But in ECA I wish there will be like cooking and thing like active. Well that include running soccer or different kinds of things.

Number  1 memory form G5…. is doing or making a pillow because I really enjoyed making that pillow and I also  like d to make it because we can bring that to our home and be together there all the time some thing that I really enjoyed is that I worked with my friends together. And When I go to G6 I think I will miss my G5 friend and my teacher and the memories and fun that I got  from G5.

Thinking about changes…..WEEK 34

Thinking about changes…..WEEK 34

The feed back I have received from Other classes was to make sure things are right and they said that they we were kind of rushed… like making introduction and making that game. I think I agree that the game that I made was not right like…I wrote the number like 31 32 43 43 44… And I think I was kind of  rushed to make the game and making the introduction because I  didn’t know that we have finish at day. But some thing good was that I also received the good feed back so I will try to improve the feed back that I have got and try to be managing to finish things quickly.

Changes that I have learnt was that changes is all around us and I also learnt that there was a lots of different kind of changes like social change physical change and emotional changes…. When we are learning that we also made a poem about changes we also presented and we also read front of the computer taking a video. I think now I know many thing about changes and changes that we have been making.

For next week I will working toward on getting focused and making sure things are right and making things change.

Exsemple like when we have a feed back we can change things 2.


a month of old/new grade5

a month of old/new grade5

How are you feeling about the poetry?

I’m feeling kind of close with poetry. But some thing I don’t like is that some of them (the poetry) is kind of too quiet but things I like is that some of them are very funny and I like to read with rhythm.

Your rube gold berg plans. What’s going on?

My rube gold berg machine is very good and our task is that capture the…..dinosaur or maybe capture the spider. In our plan we are trying to get things that we could and borrow when we don’t have. I think it will work good.

What have been some significant changes you have noticed about learning/school?

I have noticed that we need to were mask and every time we have to seat by our self like in the bus,canteen or other times.But now we don’t have to were mask when if it is not together.

Getting Placed for middle school-week 32

Getting Placed for middle school-week 32

In this week we did a placement test for the middle school.We were testing the level. When we had the test I was kind of confused and nervous because I’m not really good at English and plus I don’t know my level.  This week we only tested the grammar and writing but maybe next week we will test our speaking and listening.


In this week we also made fraction cushion. We had to write all the knowledge we have about the fraction it was very fun and I really enjoyed. I write some of the word and I also draw too. I made it very colorful. When we are drawing that we also had some of the events like minions and dinosaur coming to our class?

In this week we also practiced self management skill. Every day, I see my time table and check what I have to do today. It helps a lot and I wish my habit keep going.


This was my reflection about week 32 getting placed for middle school.



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