Band practice


Last week, me, Hans, J and Lewis went to practice our musical presentation which is a band performance. Our band name is called princess because we are the daughter of Queen. I liked the part when we were all singing ”we are the champions” together and exploring a new song which I already know called “Crazy little thing called love”. I didn’t like the part when we lost the time together so the piano was faster than the guitar.

Next time I will try to coordinate the group to go together in the same timing and rhythm. I was shocked when I first heard that J and Lewis didn’t know the song “Crazy little thing called love”. I wonder why Freddie mercury choose the title called “crazy little thing called love”.  I think I was a great communicator because I talked with my teammates for a lot of time and I was trying to play better each time.


Highest Common Factors


I got lots of questions wrong about highest common factors in the test. But now, I can get them right. I liked learning about the HCF because I just liked learning new stuff. I didn’t like the part when I suddenly got tired and couldn’t focus. I was interesting when I first figured out how HCF worked because I never knew it worked like that. Next time if I do this activity again, I will try to focus better on the task. I wonder how lowest multiple will work. I think I was a great inquirer because I was trying my best to focus on my work.



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