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Earth’s Rotation Inquiry

Earth’s Rotation Inquiry

One of our main focuses during inquiry this week was having students inquire into an explanation of the reasons for day and night on Earth. Most students had a firm grasp of the reasons, so the focus became on explaining the pattern with subject specific vocabulary: rotation, axis, poles.

Some common questions that popped up several times during the inquiry were Does Earth rotate clockwise or anticlockwise? Can we prove which direction Earth rotates?

As a class, we watched this beautiful time lapse video clip of the night sky and observed the apparent movement of stars across the sky.

Why do stars appear to move across the sky?

Student responses to the prompt can be seen below. Most concluded that Earth is rotating, which makes stars appear to move across the night sky.

The second prompt was asked following the first showing of the video: Which direction does Earth spin, clockwise or anticlockwise?

Based on evidence from the video, students concluded that Earth rotates anticlockwise.

Grade 4 Students Interview a UN and WHO Humanitarian Aid Worker

Grade 4 Students Interview a UN and WHO Humanitarian Aid Worker

This afternoon all Grade 4 students had opportunity to interview Ellen Hynes, who currently works in logistics with the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. She is currently working on the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and she also has experience working with two other UN agencies: UNICEF and the World Food Programme. Please see below for a sample of some of the student generated questions and a video clip from the interview.

Students brainstormed some questions prior to to our Skype interview and we narrowed the list down to nine questions with connections to our lines of inquiry.

1. What is the biggest crisis you have responded to? How did you respond to it?

2. How do you respond to different types of crises?

3. What are local responses to crises?

4. Do you accept government donations?

5. Can you respond to to crises at once?

6. How do you respond to a crisis if another organisation is already helping?

Persuasive Advertisement Preparation

Persuasive Advertisement Preparation

4AS students have been busy during the past week preparing to shoot their persuasive ads. They have spent time considering camera angles: extreme closeup, closeup, bust shot, medium shot, wide shot, and over the shoulder shot. They have also carefully considered persuasive techniques such as anchoring, the power of nine, authority, and peer pressure. Students will weave these techniques in their 30 second persuasive ad that will be presented to parents in two weeks.

On Friday, they spent some time familiarizing themselves with iMovie. They’ll be using iMovie to edit their video clips, add in music and sound effects, and transitions to create a polished persuasive advertisement. I’ve attached their most recent iMovie task along with some of their samples below.

4as tour Hilla-2hmjrx2

4AS CLASS TOUR. Vanessa-274788s

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