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Persuasive Advertisement Preparation

Persuasive Advertisement Preparation

4AS students have been busy during the past week preparing to shoot their persuasive ads. They have spent time considering camera angles: extreme closeup, closeup, bust shot, medium shot, wide shot, and over the shoulder shot. They have also carefully considered persuasive techniques such as anchoring, the power of nine, authority, and peer pressure. Students will weave these techniques in their 30 second persuasive ad that will be presented to parents in two weeks.

On Friday, they spent some time familiarizing themselves with iMovie. They’ll be using iMovie to edit their video clips, add in music and sound effects, and transitions to create a polished persuasive advertisement. I’ve attached their most recent iMovie task along with some of their samples below.

4as tour Hilla-2hmjrx2

4AS CLASS TOUR. Vanessa-274788s

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