A Visit from Singapore Holy Innocence School

A Visit from Singapore Holy Innocence School

On Thursday morning, Grade 4 classes hosted 40 students from Singapore Holy Innocence School. SSIS Grade 4 students led school tours, hosted games and activities on the field, and presented their Dragons’ Den action plans to our guests. A special thank you to the 4AS students who hosted tours: Max, Maxwell, Minseo, and Vanessa. Your knowledge about SSIS was very impressive!

4AS students had a great opportunity to share/promote their action plans with the visiting students who came all the way from Singapore. This was a wonderful change to encourage others from a distant destination to make a plan to take action.

In addition to our students’ original action plan proposals, they were able to update everyone on the actual action they have been taking as they work toward meaningful action.

Be sure to check out student Blogfolios for action plan updates.


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