4AS is Inspired by #trashtag

4AS is Inspired by #trashtag

Earlier this week, 4AS students made a strong connection between our current unit of inquiry and the current viral movement #trashtag. If you are unfamiliar with the #trashtag movement, the link below will provide some background. It is a wonderful example of individuals responding to a smaller, local issue, and inspiring others to follow suit


The movement is a wonderful connection to our lines of inquiry

1. What motivates people to make change

2. How people and groups have taken action in response to issues

3. Our responsibility as global citizens

Several 4AS students were inspired and thought of some small things to do in SSIS to create a positive change. They even created their own hashtag to hopefully create a viral movement.

#trashtag is a great example of social media being used to challenge others in a positive and safe way. Hopefully 4AS can continue to refine our #trashtag style movement to create a new viral movement of our own!

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