Demonstrating Lunar Phases

Demonstrating Lunar Phases

4AS students conducted a simple experiment with a lamp and a ball today to illustrate the lunar phases: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent.

The experiment raised some important questions such as,

1. Why don’t we experience an eclipse once each month when the moon and sun are aligned?

2. Why do we only see one side of the moon?

3. Why is our moon called “The Moon” when moons on other planets have names?

Stay tuned as we continue our inquiry.

A Visit from Singapore Holy Innocence School

A Visit from Singapore Holy Innocence School

On Thursday morning, Grade 4 classes hosted 40 students from Singapore Holy Innocence School. SSIS Grade 4 students led school tours, hosted games and activities on the field, and presented their Dragons’ Den action plans to our guests. A special thank you to the 4AS students who hosted tours: Max, Maxwell, Minseo, and Vanessa. Your knowledge about SSIS was very impressive!

4AS students had a great opportunity to share/promote their action plans with the visiting students who came all the way from Singapore. This was a wonderful change to encourage others from a distant destination to make a plan to take action.

In addition to our students’ original action plan proposals, they were able to update everyone on the actual action they have been taking as they work toward meaningful action.

Be sure to check out student Blogfolios for action plan updates.


Earth’s Rotation Inquiry

Earth’s Rotation Inquiry

One of our main focuses during inquiry this week was having students inquire into an explanation of the reasons for day and night on Earth. Most students had a firm grasp of the reasons, so the focus became on explaining the pattern with subject specific vocabulary: rotation, axis, poles.

Some common questions that popped up several times during the inquiry were Does Earth rotate clockwise or anticlockwise? Can we prove which direction Earth rotates?

As a class, we watched this beautiful time lapse video clip of the night sky and observed the apparent movement of stars across the sky.

Why do stars appear to move across the sky?

Student responses to the prompt can be seen below. Most concluded that Earth is rotating, which makes stars appear to move across the night sky.

The second prompt was asked following the first showing of the video: Which direction does Earth spin, clockwise or anticlockwise?

Based on evidence from the video, students concluded that Earth rotates anticlockwise.

We Invite You

We Invite You

Dear Parents,

We are just past the half way mark with our swimming sessions for G1,2,3, and 4.

Our intention at this stage is that your child is becoming more aware of their

–       Strengths and weaknesses within the water

–       Progress thus far within the 3 strokes and survival skills

–       Specific areas that they need to improve in within the 3 strokes

We encourage you to have a conversation with them by asking open ended inquiry questions – Some examples of questions to engage in conversation are –

–       What did the coach tell you that you were doing well in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       Which swimming technique/style do you use when swimming under water?

–       What is your favorite stroke in swimming – why?

–       What do the arms do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       What do the legs do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

Don’t forget that next week is our open swim week. We invite all parents to come along and see what we do in swimming. All visitors must remain on the viewing deck and no photos are allowed to be taken.

Regards – Kit and Karen


K4E Initiative: Let’s make International Family Day Plastic Free

K4E Initiative: Let’s make International Family Day Plastic Free

K4E has begunrevolutionary initiative of making IFD a completely plastic free event. This year IFD 2019 is the first phase of the 2 phases of this fabulous project.

And……. we require your utmost support in this matter.

Think of alternatives to plastic objects. How can you REDUCE, REFUSE and REPLACE plastic containers, bags, straws, toys and any other things they can think of in their own lives.

We are looking at reducing the plastic waste in the country food stalls  for this year. We are encouraging the stall owners to avoid using plastic containers, dishes and cutlery for serving their yummy food in.

Sodexo has very generously offered to put out dishes and cutlery for use instead.

At the same time, if attendees need to bring any food away with them, they can bring their personal reusable containers and bags with them to the event.

We request you to help spread this message amongst parents, students and the staff community.

Please join K4E in this first step towards making SSIS a truly Greener school


Leave a comment with some suggestions on how you can be plastic free this IFD….

Measurement Tuning In Activity

Measurement Tuning In Activity

This afternoon, the grade 4 students were introduced to our new measurement unit through a tuning-in provocation. A variety of items were placed throughout the classrooms and students were given the following simple tasks:

  1. Estimate the measurements
  2. Calculate the exact measurements

It was then left to the students to apply their thinking and communication skills to determine how to both estimate and calculate each measurement, as well as identify and accurately use a range of measurement tools.

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