2 stars and a wish

2 stars and a wish

I have reflected on my early posts. At first I wasn’t very good at writing interesting things, now I am much better.

Star 1 – I am good at helping people on the computers when they don’t know what to do

Star 2 – I’m good at attaching photos to make my blog interesting.

Wish – I wish more people would comment on my blog I must let people know when I’ve posted something(^w^)

My Pledge

My Pledge

My Pledge Is To Say 15 Nice Things Everyday To Everyone because of bullies hurting others feelings.


May The 17. 10 Nice Things

I said all this to my friends who were trying so hard to get better at tag.

May The 19. 20 Nice Things

I said this to my friend Ryan who had tried super hard while he had a stitch in his body like the hurting on your chest

May The 24. 6 Nice Things

To My Friend Iwo For getting his spirits up and so he did not just cry when he was tagged I said Iwo you are the future of an amazing tagger.

May The 27. 3 Nice Things I said We Are The Future Of Human Kind Earth Depends on it and we Hugged each other for 5 minutes and Ran From The Zombies.

Edit 1:Color Green

This Pledge was inspired from having to many bullies who say mean things.

The Proof I have is being nice.

Well when there is a problem in our game I try to settle it as kindly as possible.




How to show easy multiplication

How to show easy multiplication

Step 1: Time’s the 6 and the 7 witch should = 42

Step 2: Times the 40 and the 7 then that should = 280

Step 3: Times the 200 and the 7 then that should = 1400

Step 4: Add the Total of the 6×7 to the 40×7 and that should = 322

Step 5: Then add the 322 to the 1400 and that should = 1722 if it does not you have done something wrong.

>-< Here is a mini poster we made!

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