Grid Method Strategy Video

Grid Method Strategy Video

Today in math we could choose to make a video of how we use our strategy with multiplication or subtraction and take away. I chose to make a video on the multiplication question and i used the grid method strategy to show my understanding. During this week in UOI we have been thinking about political systems and we have been making a keynote about political systems.



Installation Art

Installation Art

1 How would you explain ‘installation art’ to Grade 4 artists?

Installation art means an art work that has a meaning why the art work has to be in that spot.


2 Summaries the process your group went through and your installation artwork. (Use the title, message & process parts of your artist statement here.

We thought of an idea to create something relaxing and calm.

We started painting our three mountains and made some pom poms to hang.

Then we hung everything on our boards.

Last, we let the audience feel our hangings.


3 What advice would you give to Grade 4 artists for next year?

If I did it again I would not use masking tape to hang thing up because its not strong enough to hold things up.


4 What did you learn in the installation art unit that will help you do your best work in the PYP Exhibition?

I learnt that it would be easier to not stick many things on the boards because it

takes a long time to take off.


UOI and Math

UOI and Math

Today for math we made a video about how to do division. I made a video about how to do short division. Then I uploaded my video onto stream.

This past week we have also started a new unit. Our new unit is about political systems and we have been making a keynote about  monarchy, dictatorship, communism and  democracy.

This Weeks Reflection

This Weeks Reflection

This week in UOI we were told to show a migration of our choice. We got to choose how we wanted to show it. Our group witch is Me, Pearl, Zavier and Matilda. We chose to make a news report. The first thing we did was we did some research. then we made a script and figured out who is who.the we started filming. And now we are up to editing our video and we will be persenting our news report on Monday.

In P.E we were told that we could design our own game in a group of one are two. So me Pearl and Yanchie thought of a game that we could play. We all really liked playing hockey so we tried to add hockey in our game. We also added bowling to our game so our game is a mix of hockey and bowling.We called our game Knock the Hock. After we thought of our game we got all the things we needed. We needed six pins on each side 20 hockey sticks and on small ball. after we set it up we tried our game.

This week in Art we are making our installation art works this week on Tuesday we got a hour on doing our installation art works. my group made pom pom to hang on our art work. And we also put up our painting on the boards that got put up for us.


Week 10 Reflection

Week 10 Reflection

This week I have gained new knowledge in different subjects.

In UOI we wrote about the Migration Caravan, At first we did some research about it and when we new a lot of facts about the Migration Caravan we came together with 5TB and we wrote a informational report on paper with the two classes. When we  finished writing the informational report we wrote it down in our one note yesterday.

In Math we have been learning about angles and measuring them with a protractor. I went with Miss Naisara’s workshop the workshop is when she helps us understand a bit more about angles and the degrees. I learnt how to use a protractor and measure  angles.

In Reading we are reading the Dragon Keeper in reading groups. In reading groups we read the story and we also read it when we are at home. Each day I read probably a chapter and nw I am up to chapter 5.

In Art we have been focusing on making installation art works. We are going to be presenting our installation art to parents, teachers and students in the main hallway. We have been mainly working on our painting and our tables. Installation means a art work that cant just sit anywhere and the place that is in has a reason why it cant go anywhere else.

I think this week has been a fun but busy week but I think I have completed  lots of things in time .

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