Bridging Week – Week 37

Bridging Week – Week 37

What were you expecting to learn from your Bridging Week experience?

I am expecting to learn where the classrooms are, meet new teachers, and get along with my buddy nicely.

What questions were answered for you as part of your experience?

Can we go to the edu cafe to eat lunch?
(Answer: Yes)

What questions remain unanswered for you?

How many teachers are there for each student?

What were some of your positive observations during your experience?

In middle school, the teachers choose one student to do the temperatures every day.

How could we make Bridging Week a better opportunity to learn about middle school?

Maybe our buddy/partners could explain more stuff about middle school as we’re walking?

What is your legacy? Week 35

What is your legacy? Week 35

This week is all about preparing for the graduation. We are putting 3 photos onto Mr.Alksne’s onedrive. The first photo is a picture of myself as a baby. The second photo is a picture of you recently. And the third photo is a photo of what you want to be in the future. I want to be a doctor’s assistant in the future and i will work towards it.

We are almost graduating! To me, graduation means leaving and starting a new kind of learning, because we never stop learning in our lives. I am really looking forwards to middle school and the graduation party!

This week is our last opportunity for Ms.Anu to come into our classroom and teach us mindfulness. Ms.Anu is our mindfulness teacher, and she comes in almost every week to teach us mindfulness. This year we learnt how to anchor our breathing, be aware of the things around us, control out thoughts, and stay calm ourselves down when we’re stressed. I really like mindfulness and i will keep practicing!

For the graduation, we need to make some song recommendations to play on the graduation, here are some of my song recommendations:

  • Me
  • Memories
  • Happy
Thinking about Changing: Week 34

Thinking about Changing: Week 34

A few weeks ago, we started to make our own fraction games with a partner. Me and my partner made a fraction/percentage/decimal memory game. This Thursday, 5KF went in our class to play our games. Everyone received many different feedbacks. Some of the feedback we got was that our instructions were not clear enough, and they can see though the paper and peek for the fraction/percentage/decimals. We will work towards a perfect game!

Last week, we are learning about changes. We got into pairs or threes and made a rap/poem about changes. I was with Rachel and Leya. Our rap goes like this:


Changes will happen, not only on you,

Maybe one day, pandas won’t like bamboo!

Maybe some day, kangaroos can’t jump high!

Changes will happen, not only on them,

Maybe tomorrow, Trump will be more kind,

Maybe next year, we won’t come from behind;

Changes will happen, not only on us.

Maybe next lunar year, we will live underworld,

Maybe next century, robots will take over the world!

Changes will happen, wherever you are!

Sometime one day, lunch bags will grow legs!

I’m sure one day, Trump will lose  his job.

Oh! The the changes you will make!


Foods will all be yummy!!😋

Cheese will all be loved! 🧀

Floors will all be soft! 🧽

Movies will be creepy! 👻


The changes you will make!

The changes you will make!


Oh, the changes you will make   !!!

By: Alyssa, Leya & Rachel 😎


This week’s challenge was to make a survey for the grade 6 students to answer. We are transitioning into grade 6 in a few weeks, and we’re trying our best to find out what grade 6 is like. I am so exited about grade 6, and I will do my very best in grade 6

A Month of old/new G5 – Week 33

A Month of old/new G5 – Week 33

These week we are starting to read, write and make poetry. This week’s challenge was to write a limericks poem. I think poetry is hard for me because I can’t find enough words that rhyme, and I can’t get the syllables right. So it would be best for me if I work with others.

Last Friday at the media center, we met Ms. Melinda and we started a project called the Rube goldberg machine. This is a machine that does not use electricity. It rely on the energy of dominoes, balls or object falling, or a ball pushed by something. We got split in groups of 3 or 4 and made a plan for this Friday. On Friday, each of our group member brought a series of every day stuff as planned. At lesson 7 and 8, we are going to make our Rube Goldberg machine. I hope everything works!

We have been back to school for almost a month, and there are obviously, a lot of changes. We have to wash our hands more, wear a mask everyday, and the seating is different(everyone facing the same way). But changes are always happening. Right now, as long we are in school, we don’t need to wear a mask anymore. The only place that needs a mask on right now is the bus. I wish our school goes back to ‘normal’ the sooner the better. And I am fitting very good with the new rules and changes!

Getting Placed for Middle School – Week 32

Getting Placed for Middle School – Week 32

This Tuesday our grade did the first part of the english placement test, reading and grammar. Next Tuesday we are doing the next part of the test which is speaking and listening. When I was doing the test, at first I was a bit nervous, but as I get through the test I am feeling more and more confident. I finished quite early and I checked my results.

Last week (and a bit of this week), we started to make our own pillows about fractions. We each got a rectangular piece of cloth and we started decorating it. I put most of the basic information about fractions and drew some pictures. Yesterday everyone finished decorating, now our pillows are sent to be stitched on the sides for preventing the cloth to fall apart. When that is finished, we’ll stitch 2 of the sides, and at last we stuff the pillow, seal it by stitching the last side, and our pillow is done.

This is now my 2nd week coming back to school and I’m feeling quite good and I am not out 0f memory about school, I think I have been quite good at self-managing and I am almost finished with my tasks from this week

The Re-opening of G5 🎉

The Re-opening of G5 🎉

This week we finally got back to school! There are a lot of changes in school. Now in school, we have to wear a mask every day, we need to keep our social distance, and we have to wash our hands regularly. The first day was very difficult for me because I did not know the new rules and changes. But after the first week, I am feeling much better.

On Tuesday, our class went to the media center to meet with Ms.Melinda and did some coding activities. We watched a video about coding, and we practiced how to write specific steps in a good sequence.

On Thursday, we had some fun with static electricity. We each blew many balloons and picked the one we liked the most. Then Mr Alksne put on each table a bowl of small pieces of materials. We rubbed our balloon on our hair and some people rubbed theirs on their clothes. When we rub the balloon, it produces static electricity. We tried to attract the small pieces of materials using static electricity on each table. The small pieces of confetti worked best for me.

I thought this week was very fun, but I think what I liked the most in all the activities was the cupcake activity. I learnt how to make icing for cupcakes and I really enjoyed it. At last I ate the cake. It was delicious!🧁

Remote Learning Art

Remote Learning Art

To make this piece, I used a lot of plain pictures, and a blank page to put them on.

I made this because the resources was simple and it was easy to make.

I enjoyed choosing the colors and organizing them.

The hard part was thinking of a way to fill in the whole page and not leaving a gap.


Reflecting On Week 18 – 2 And A Half Days To Go!

Reflecting On Week 18 – 2 And A Half Days To Go!

My biggest achievement this week has been improving my writing and making it perfect.

HWOO collaborative inquiry has been very organized! Me and my group finished everything today, we’re only up to the extras now. Everything is going great!

We continue to challenge other grade 5 homeroom classes in our Friday well being sessions.Our secret strategies are choosing good agents and acting normal.

New Decade… Week 17!

New Decade… Week 17!

The best things about my winter holidays were cooking egg custards and going out with grandma.

This week has been awesome because I went to school and met my friends again.

If I were the world government, I would give higher wages to everybody and make everything more cheap.

I am looking forward to the weekends because my friend is coming to my house to play.

The Winter Holidays have arrived! Week 16

The Winter Holidays have arrived! Week 16

This week was a bit of a secret. My gift to my secret friend is a drawing that I drew. I wonder who will be my secret friend?

This holiday I look forward to going to TianJin and meeting my friends there.

Next year I will change nothing.

I think my school report will say that I am not bad at anything but I need to talk and speak more in class.

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