Clay Toys on Display

Grade 3 students have worked extremely hard designing, creating, glazing and connecting their moveable clay toys. Many students have completed their projects this week along with their artist statement describing their final creations. Come celebrate their hard work by stopping by our art gallery! The students that have completed connecting their toys and written their artist statements are now on display. Great work Grade 3!

Sports Day is coming soon!!!!

March 29th is the Grade 1 to 5 sports day, we will begin preparing students for this during PE class over the next 3 weeks – some classes have already started.

The focus of this day is Healthy Competition.

Using the PSPE framework of Identity, Active Living, and Interactions we can explain the day like this –

§  Students will identify within their house group whilst competing in Active athletic events of entailing Running, jumping, and throwing, all the while Interacting and participating within the whole sports day.

One thing we would like to establish with all students is that whilst we can’t all be Usain Bolt we can all improve our speed by focusing on our technique. Attached to this blog post are some very broad tips for running faster – we will be exploring these more in class during the next few weeks.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng

Inquiry into Location and Maps

This math unit is a great example of combining both conceptual math and our unit of inquiry. We have started to think about what we do know about Maps on this See, Think and Wonder chart following closely looking at a range of maps.


By using this information to plan my teaching in this area we followed this up with some route planning, compass work and mapping out their new cities.

Clay Toys in Progress

Grade 3 designers are in the process of adding glaze to their clay toys. Once they have gone through the kiln again to complete the glazing process, the students will begin attaching their moveable parts to their toy design. Stay tuned to see the final results of their creative thinking and hard work!

Welcome back everybody!!!

This week has seen us continue with our battery of fitness tests.

We have also introduced the movement and vault assignment for the next 6 weeks – Please see the documents attached.

As we move closer to sports day (March 29th) all students will be looking at Run/Jump/Throw activities also. So please talk to your students about their vault and movement assignments and keep March 29th free!


Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng