We Invite You

We Invite You

Dear Parents,

We are just past the half way mark with our swimming sessions for G1,2,3, and 4.

Our intention at this stage is that your child is becoming more aware of their

–       Strengths and weaknesses within the water

–       Progress thus far within the 3 strokes and survival skills

–       Specific areas that they need to improve in within the 3 strokes

We encourage you to have a conversation with them by asking open ended inquiry questions – Some examples of questions to engage in conversation are –

–       What did the coach tell you that you were doing well in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       Which swimming technique/style do you use when swimming under water?

–       What is your favorite stroke in swimming – why?

–       What do the arms do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       What do the legs do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

Don’t forget that next week is our open swim week. We invite all parents to come along and see what we do in swimming. All visitors must remain on the viewing deck and no photos are allowed to be taken.

Regards – Kit and Karen


Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences

Thank you for coming and sharing with your children the experience of our classroom. It was great to see the students engaged in all the activities!

A reminder to please send anything you can donate for our class basket, the theme is “Party”.

G3 artists design symbols to investigate pattern & the harmony it creates

G3 artists design symbols to investigate pattern & the harmony it creates

Grade 3 artists are investigating ‘How The World Works’ in our newest Art unit of inquiry. They inquired into positive and negative space by creating notans, and lately have studied Adinkra symbols and created their own symbol. They are aiming to discover that pattern creates order and harmony.

Each symbol has a meaning and will be made into a relief print. We are starting to think about background colours that could support or even enhance the meaning of the symbol now.

Plus, students took time to use the collage app on the iPads to check each symbol design will connect as desired when it is printed in a set of 4. Rotating the block looks like it will bring a whole new artwork out in many of the young artist’s designs!

Now careful carving of EZ cut is underway so the printing can happen next lesson – I will be sure to get more photos of 3MB students next week and hope you can see their symbol designs when you stop by Art during the Student-Led Conferences.

I can’t wait to see the results and they are coming soon!

International Family Day

International Family Day

K4E – IFD_

IFD is approaching fast, our class has decided to make our basket theme “Party Basket”. Could you please help us out by bringing anything related to a party: balloons, party hats, goody bags, candy, party favors etc. Please send it next week so we can have it ready for IFD.

This year Kids for the Environment have started a campaign for REDUCE,REUSE and REPLACE. I have attached the link above so you can help student reach this goal.

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences

Reminder that tomorrow is Student Lead Conferences. The students are very excited to show you their classroom, routines, and all they do! Please remember school uniform must be worn. The students are talking home today their schedule for tomorrow.

See You soon !

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